• Web Portals Play For Pay (USA Today)
    Yahoo, America Online and Microsoft are in a cyber shootout for gamers willing to pay to play on the Internet.
  • And You Thought Pop-up Ads Were Bad (CBS.MW)
    Imagine for a moment that the Bud advertisement you often see on MarketWatch suddenly begins to talk to you, or presents a message from a friend that reads: "Party, Friday, at Joe's, be there. And, umm, bring beer."
  • In-Taxi Magazine Launched In London (Adage.Com)
    New publication distributed in cabbies' backseats.
  • CBS Head Says Scatter Ad Market Up Sharply (Reuters)
    The so-called "scatter market" for television advertising time is currently up 25 to 40% compared with pre-sold ad time this past summer, CBS chief Leslie Moonves said on Tuesday.
  • FCC Calls for Change in Indecency (AP)
    Federal Communications Commissioner Michael J. Copps criticized television broadcasters and his own agency Thursday, saying far too much indecent programming is allowed on the airwaves.
  • "Bachelor" Crushes Victoria's Secret TV Special (Reuters)
    The ecstasy and the agony of a made-for-TV courtship proved more compelling to viewers than sexy models in lingerie as the season finale of ABC's "The Bachelor" trounced CBS's "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" in the ratings.
  • Madison Ave. Plays Role in Drug Research (New York Times)
    Increases early involvement with key drugs.
  • View an Ad, Get Something Free at Some Websites (Reuters)
    As online publishers try to find the right formula to please advertisers and Web surfers, some are experimenting with marketing that rewards visitors for viewing commercials or providing demographic information.
  • Consumers Turn Blind Eye to Bad Brand Values - Study (Reuters)
    Consumers are still in love with their brands and are happy to ignore the lobbyists and negative publicity surrounding them, research suggested on Thursday.
  • Internet Sites Delete News of Sales by Big Retailers (NYTimes.com)
    Several online shopping sites have removed information about post-Thanksgiving sales after major retailers including Wal-Mart and Target threatened legal action.
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