• Ad Spend Surpasses Previous Estimates
    Online advertising expenditure is markedly higher than previously thought, according to figures released by the newly-launched AdZone Interactive.
  • Top Net Magazines Lose Dot-Com Bucks In Advertiser Shift
    Some dot-com and technology advertisers are bowing out of Internet behemoths Business 2.0, Fast Company, The Industry Standard, Red Herring and Upside--just as the phone book-size publications vie for dominance based in part on their ad-page count.
  • Newspapers Angle For Wireless Pathway (AdWeek)
    With wireless as the hot new means of content distribution, newspaper companies are jumping onto bandwidth quickly.
  • NBC, Cable Partners Team Up On Olympics (AdWeek)
    NBC Sports has built just about everything into its 441.5-hour, all tape-delayed Olympic Games plan in September.
  • Digitalroot Introduces Online Bulk Banner Ad Buys (IAR)
    In the latest example of how start-up businesses are using technology to make the buying of advertising easier and more democratic, digitalroot this week launched a service that aggregates the banner ad purchases of smaller businesses.
  • Tracking Traffic (ClickZ)
    The web is the only marketing-communications channel that allows us to track practically everything a user does, which, in turn, allows us to learn more about our users than anyone ever thought possible. So, it's no surprise that web marketers continually
  • Investors Scrutinize Media Metrix-Jupiter Merger (TheStandard.com)
    Doubling your market cap is never easy, especially if Internet research is your core business. But even though the Media Metrix-Jupiter Communications merger would do just that, investors reacted coolly to the deal.
  • WindWire Unveils Test of Wireless Ad Network (IAR)
    WindWire - http://www.windwire.com - a four-month-old start-up firm, rushed onto the wireless advertising scene on Tuesday, with the announcement of the test phase of its new wireless advertising network -- WindCaster.
  • Beyond Interactive Establishes Emerging Media Group (IAR)
    Online advertising agency Beyond Interactive this week staked its claim on marketing on burgeoning media platforms, putting together an emerging media services group to handle new devices.
  • Click-Through Rate, R.I.P. (ClickZ)
    Friends! Reps! Online media planners! Lend me your ears! We have come here to bury the click, not to praise it!
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