• GM Puts $2.6B U.S. Ad Planning Up For Bids (MediaCentral)
    General Motors Corp. considered the largest advertiser in the United States, said Monday it was putting its media planning accounts, estimated at $2.6 billion, up for bidding.
  • MediaMetrix Buying Jupiter (CBS MarketWatch)
    Media Metrix said today it’s buying Jupiter Communications in a $409 million stock deal that combines a measurer of web traffic with an Internet analysis firm. The merged company, which will be called Jupiter Media Metrix and have a combined market value
  • Glossary: Opt-In, Opt-Out and the Grey Area (ClickZ)
    Just when we think a subject has been discussed to death, more questions pop up, reminding us once again how quickly both people and concepts shift positions in this industry and how important it is to continually define and clarify.
  • Canadian Internet Users Spend More Time Online Than U.S. Web Surfers, According to Nielsen//NetRatings (Yahoo!)
    The first-ever Canadian Internet audience information and usage data from Nielsen//NetRatings indicates that Canadian Web surfers spent nearly 30 more minutes online than U.S. Internet users in May, averaging more sessions and page views despite the U.S.
  • Interview with Dev Bhatia, CEO of HotSocket
    Figuring out which banner ads are duds and which are winners is critically important, but it's only the beginning of the optimization process for direct marketing start-up HotSocket.
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