• Google’s Robotic Journalism (Washington Post)
    Howard Kurtz on the portal’s new content.
  • New Fall TV Season Trends Begin (AP)
    Just four days into the fall TV season, hits and misses are already emerging.
  • NBC's Friends Command Highest TV Ad Dollars (Reuters)
    NBC's top-rated situation comedy "Friends" commands the highest price for television advertising space, overtaking CBS's "Survivor," at about $455,700 for a 30-second commercial, according to Advertising Age's annual network pricing survey.
  • Rosie Speaks Out (People)
    Cutie patootie? Out-of-control boss?
  • E-commerce economics disappoint (The Economist)
    Where exactly did Internet economics go wrong?
  • NAB: Analog Cutoff Could Disenfranchise Viewers (TV Insite)
    Forcing TV stations to return analog spectrum at the end of 2006 would "disenfranchise millions of viewers."
  • Big Media Falls On Hard Times (MSNBC)
    Benefits elusive from industry mega-mergers.
  • Publishers Trying to Salvage Troubled Magazines (NYT)
    Publishers of magazines old and new are trying to salvage brands that advertisers and readers have left behind.
  • Study: Alcohol Ads Often Reach Teens (Washington Post)
    Tighter industry guidelines urged.
  • 'Dr. Phil' Stays Healthy with First-Week Ratings (Variety)
    'Dr. Phil' followed up its record debut-day ratings last week with a steady dose of viewership the rest of the week.
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