• Watch Out: This Could Get Gory (LATimes.com)
    These findings, compiled by Competitive Media Reporting, document in detail the extent to which Hollywood studios have used family- and teen-oriented TV shows to market their violent, R-rated films.
  • Dot-Com Sea Change Forces Ad Networks To Rethink Strategies (AdAge)
    Online ad networks, hit by slumping stocks and a tightening market for online advertising, are under pressure to change their game.
  • We Know Where You Live (Forbes.com)
    Established Web firms are vying to develop ways to pierce one of the Web's few remaining veils of privacy: physical location.
  • ValueClick, Searchbutton Partner to Offer More Targeted Banners (SharperMedia.com)
    As the online advertising industry searches for ways to improve banner ads' effectiveness, a new partnership promises to make banner ads linked to keyword searches available to a much wider audience.
  • Both Campaigns Scrambling for Votes--and for TV Ad Slots (LATimes.com)
    Media: Bush and Gore backers are preparing a blizzard of commercials, with the volume expected to be about even on both sides. But airtime is scarce.
  • AAF Summit Sheds Light on Future Ads (Digitrends.net)
    What will advertising look like as broadband and ITV evolve? Well nobody knows for sure, of course, but industry insiders provided some clues last week in S.F.
  • Clouds On Magazine Horizon (AdWeek.com)
    The 81st gathering of the Magazine Publishers of America kicked off Monday morning in Bermuda. The year's outlook, like Monday's forecast, called for scattered clouds.
  • Cross-media Marketing Survey (AdAge.com)
    For this exclusive Ad Age-commissioned survey, media buyers and sellers expressed their concerns about cross-media advertising packages--those integrated advertising programs that encompass more than one media platform.
  • 24/7 Media Hints of Layoffs (IAR)
    The online advertising company's new president may have some tough work ahead -- breaking bad news to employees.
  • CMGI-backed media exchange reduces staff (CNET News.com)
    OneMediaPlace, an online exchange for advertising space, cut its staff by 30% Tuesday, a spokesman for the company confirmed Wednesday.
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