• Brand Awareness (Entrepreneur.com)
    Brand. The hip, catch-all word of the New Economy. It suggested all a company needed to succeed was awareness. Image, as they say, was everything.
  • Companies Turn to Games to Pitch Their Products (NY Times)
    When Toyota's Adrenaline racing game appeared on Microsoft's MSN Gaming Zone site last year, research found that the typical player returned to the game three to four times a month. That player also spent about 20 minutes with it each time — far longer than consumers might spend with a typical advertisement on the Internet.
  • Companies Turn to Games to Pitch Their Products (NY Times)
    Dodge Speedway is one of a new genre of computer games as advertising vehicles. Born of desperation and ingenuity, advergames, as they are called by marketers, are emerging at a time when web surfers largely ignore more conventional forms of advertising.
  • Disclosing the Quality Is Job-One (Click Z)
    I'm not one to argue with the basic laws of supply and demand. However, I would argue that if advertisers and publishers alike were fully cognizant of the true value of online advertising, it's likely that demand for online ads would pick up.
  • Survey: Users Not Ready To Pay For Web Music (Reuters)
    Consumers have not accepted purchasing and downloading music via the web and are not likely to change with the new services being developed by the recording industry, according to a survey by research firm GartnerG2 on Wednesday.
  • IBM Consolidates Direct, Interactive With OgilvyOne, Wunderman (iMarketing News)
    IBM Corp. said yesterday that it has consolidated its direct and online marketing account with WPP Group PLC's OgilvyOne Worldwide and Wunderman.
  • Industry Standard Parent Co. Files for Bankruptcy (Reuters)
    Standard Media Inc., parent of the Industry Standard magazine, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday, one week after ceasing publication of a magazine that rose and fell with the dot-com industry it covered.
  • The Meaning of Industry Organizations (ClickZ)
    Industry organizations allow for peer interaction that promotes the free exchange of ideas. They get people from one segment of an industry together with folks from other segments to display new products or services. And they provide an environment where birds of a feather can flock together and experience a sense of community.
  • System for Measuring Clicks Is Under Assault (NY Times)
    In its early days, Internet advertising offered what seemed to be a distinct competitive advantage over its older, offline kin: measurability. But measurability has not turned out to be the great strength of Internet advertising. It has turned out to be its most conspicuous weakness.
  • Microsoft Pledges $58 Million to Get Mexicans Online (LA Times)
    President Vicente Fox's "e-Mexico" plan to link 98% of this nation's people to the Internet gets a boost as Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer promised $58 million over five years to train thousands of teachers and software programmers.
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