• Report: Consumers Spend Nearly $4B Online in July (E-Commerce Times)
    Online sales in the toys and video games category saw a significant spike in July, jumping from just over $87 million in June to hit $162.4 million.
  • Nowhere to Go But Up (ClickZ)
    Many advertisers with a significant Web presence are hardcore direct-response advertisers. They know exactly how much they want to pay to make a sale. Tom calls into question the model that they are using and points out just how silly it is.
  • Hate Pop-Up Ads? Here's How To Burst Their Bubbles (ZDNet)
    SURF REPORT: Is your browser spawning those pesky pop-up ads faster than you can click them shut? Are you frazzled, frustrated, and fuming at the onslaught? You're not alone. Your target audience feels the same way and some sites are giving them suggestions for how to wipe pop-ups out using the Web.
  • Commission Junction Finds New Channel in bCentral (IAR)
    Microsoft's .NET initiative continues with new additions to its small business software services site.
  • Newest Web Annoyance - Large, Noisy 'Skyscraper' Ads (BizReport)
    Advertisers always are looking for ways to attract attention to their clients' products and services - even if they have to be obnoxious to draw people in. The latest trend in online advertising is to combine relatively large banner ads known as "skyscrapers" with flash animation and a burst of sound.
  • IBM Wires U.S. Open, Chases Online Market (AdAge.com)
    As the world's tennis pros prepare to lob their best shots at the U.S. Open, IBM Corp. this week serves up a unique interactive and print marketing effort, designed to lure potential customers to its Web-hosting services.
  • ABC Wins First Interview With Embattled Lawmaker (NYTimes.com)
    ABC announced Monday that its correspondent, Connie Chung, would interview Representative Gary A. Condit in prime time Thursday night.
  • Why Direct Response Online Still Reigns Supreme (ClickZ)
    Despite all the studies, why are so many advertisers still reluctant to use the digital medium as a tool for any kind of marketing save direct response and customer acquisition? Why do clients still call for pay-for-performance media deals?
  • Cable Networks Look for Ways to Stand Out (NYTimes.com)
    Cable channel surfing has become confusing enough to cause a TV viewer to rise from the couch in bewilderment.
  • 76 Of Top 200 Magazines Post Circulation Drops (AdAge.com)
    The biannual bummer that is the Audit Bureau of Circulations report for magazines showed the same strains the industry has been facing for years: widespread circulation declines and ever-weakening newsstand demand.
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