• Spammer Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison (AP)
    A man who sent 850 million junk e-mails through accounts he opened with stolen identities was sentenced to up to seven years in prison on Thursday.
  • Tightening the Reins on Gmail (Wired)
    California's Senate voted on Thursday to support a bill to limit a new e-mail service by No. 1 Web search company, Google, over concerns it could threaten the privacy of users. California's state Senate approved the first-of-its-kind bill by a vote of 24-8 to restrict how Mountain View, California-based Google's upcoming free "Gmail" service could work once it is available in wide distribution.
  • Search Engines Try to Find Their Sound (CNET)
    To be Googled, or not to be Googled? That was the question facing National Public Radio's online director Maria Thomas earlier this year. The answer would seem obvious for anyone doing business on the Web, where being included in search results can mean the difference between success and oblivion.
  • Yahoo Joins Battle Against Spyware (NewsFactor)
    Yahoo has launched new anti-spyware software, becoming the latest Internet service provider to combat a problem plaguing virtually every computer user with an Internet connection.
  • Exec: MSN to Offer End-to-End Search (CBS MarketWatch)
    Microsoft's MSN is getting "hard core" about search. Yusuf Mehdi, MSN's top executive, announced the company will soon release technology to enable users to search e-mail, their hard disks and the Internet. The feature will be part of a new beta release of the MSN service, he told the Goldman Sachs Internet conference in Las Vegas.
  • News Corp. Ending Internet-By-Satellite Plans (Wall Street Journal)
    News Corp. is ending plans to deliver Internet access via satellite in the United States, the Wall Street Journal said on Friday.
  • Porn Spammers Ignore New Rule (ZDNet)
    Spammers flooding the Internet with pornographic solicitations apparently are not abiding by a new federal rule that took effect last week. Not only did illegal sexually-explicit spam fail to slow down after the regulations took effect May 19, but pornographic e-mail measured by one antispam company jumped from around 2 million messages in a 40-hour period last week to around 2.5 million during the same period this week.
  • How Can I Sex Up This Blog Business? (Wired)
    Hot gossip! Cool gadgets! Gawker & Gizmodo, Fleshbot & Wonkette! Inside Nick Denton's plan to become the nanopublishing media mogul.
  • Microsoft Technology Will Widen Searches (Washington Post)
    Microsoft Corp. is developing technology that takes search functions beyond the Internet, allowing users to pour through e-mails, personal computers and even big databases to find information, a top executive said Wednesday.
  • Yahoo Adds Anti-Spyware Feature to Browser Toolbar (Reuters)
    Internet media company Yahoo Inc. unveiled a feature on Wednesday for its Web browser toolbar aimed at making it easier for users to remove unwanted "spyware" programs that snoop on Web surfing habits and other activities.
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