• Spam Now Makes Up Two-Thirds of Email (Web Host Industry Review)
    Spam continues to saturate the market with the increase in junk mail. Last month, spam made up for more than two-thirds of the 840 emails scanned by filtering firm MessageLabs (messagelabs.com), according to UK site The Register.
  • Survey: Google's Power Overstated (CNN)
    With Wall Street agog for the Google IPO, a new study has found that the technology thought to separate the search engine from its competitors isn't that much different from its rivals'.
  • Colgate to Research Impact of Online Ads in Media Mix (Revolution)
    Colgate-Palmolive is to invest a substantial amount of money researching a new online advertising campaign to discover the effectiveness of adding online advertising to the media mix.
  • Bush Signs Bills Targeting Spam, Offensive Names (USA TODAY)
    The subject line says it's "re: our meeting." But you open the email and it's an offer to sell you prescription drugs or to enhance parts of your body. Under legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Jeb Bush, the attorney general could go after anyone in Florida who sends such email with a deceptive subject line.
  • Lawmaker Tones Down Anti-Gmail Bill (CNET)
    A California lawmaker has revised a proposal to block Google's new e-mail service, removing key provisions that would have have made it difficult or impossible for the Web search giant to operate Gmail in the state.
  • To Their Surprise, Bloggers Are Force for Change in Big Media (Online Journalism Review)
    A parody helps change a corrections policy at The New York Times. An online critic's query ends a career at the Chicago Tribune. Bloggers' scrutiny is making its mark on traditional journalism.
  • Spammers Dumping Porn For Financial Services And Consumer Products To Maintain Profits (LinuxElectrons)
    Financial spam is close to overtaking pharmaceutical spam as the most common form of junk email according to the April Clearswift Spam Index, as spammers appear to be abandoning porn for more profitable offerings.
  • Cannes Lions Gaining Award Entries (DMNews)
    The International Advertising Festival Ltd., better known as Cannes Lions, says entries are up an average of 11.5 percent in all categories for next month's event.
  • U.S. Military Fires Gays for Online Profiles (Gay.com)
    At least six gay, lesbian and bisexual U.S. military members are facing discharges this year because of their online profiles, or personal ads, in what appears to be an emerging trend for enforcing the military's policy against gay soldiers.
  • Online Retailers Collectively Make Profit (AP)
    Online retailers collectively made a profit last year for the first time as sales jumped a better-than-expected 51 percent, in a sign of continued resilience in e-commerce, an industry survey found.
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