• New Net Privacy Protocol Closer to Going Online (Industry Standard)
    Some advocacy groups say the Platform for Privacy Preferences is too confusing for users.
  • Vivendi L'acquisition: French Media Concern to Swallow Seagram (Industry Standard)
    The $34 billion merger will create the world's second-largest media company.
  • Is It Possible to Track Ad Spending on the Web? (ClickZ)
    Traditional media buyers use competitive spending analysis. Clients want a similar service for web ads. But can you track every ad view on the web or even be close?
  • DoubleClick Gets The Double Standard On Net Privacy (Forbes.com)
    In the offline world, "cookies" are good things--mostly associated with Girl Scouts or school bake sales. In the online world, cookies are bad--conjuring images of Big Brother hovering over the Internet.
  • Japan Companies To Make Standard Digital TV Box (MediaCentral)
    Top electronics makers Toshiba Corp., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. and Sony Corp. said on Friday they would work together on a standard format for next-generation digital TV set-top boxes.
  • TV Network To Cut Back Convention Coverage (MediaCentral)
    U.S. television networks, anxious to avoid a ratings debacle, are casting a wary eye on this summer's political conventions, with ABC already cutting back its coverage and the others expected to follow suit.