• Madison Avenue Prepares For More Belt Tightening (WSJ.com)
    Madison Avenue is bracing for another big round of job cuts as advertising agencies assess the damage to their business in the wake of the terrorist attacks.
  • On the Walls of Dark Subway Tunnels, Motion Pictures (NYTimes.com)
    Subway passengers in Atlanta who looked through the dark windows of their moving train yesterday saw glowing full-motion ads for Dasani. The start of the unusual ad campaign was a quiet event, but it may herald a new age in outdoor advertising.
  • Stay-At-Home Public Boosts TV Ratings (CBS.MW)
    Large increases in television viewership since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is leaving networks to wonder how long America will continue to hunker down at home - and whether they should adjust for it.
  • A Bleak Future for Email Marketing? (ClickZ)
    Marketers can gain great insight when they take a break from what they're doing and watch people engage in interaction with interactive media. So... how does your mom use the Web?
  • Online Branding: A History of the Banner's Wild Ride (AdsGuide)
    To those marketers who still subscribe to the theory that effective branding through banner advertising is a thing of the past, perhaps you ought to think again.
  • Bleak Near-Term Ad Economy Predicted (AdAge.com)
    The ad industry's leading prognosticators agree the devastating terrorist attacks will hit the already depressed advertising market, with a turnaround at least a year away.
  • Web Publications Place Ads First (CNET News.com)
    Forget, for a minute, ads that "pop" under or over requested Web pages and that have promulgated on such major sites as Yahoo and The New York Times on the Web. Now publishers require readers to look at a sponsor's ad for several seconds before they can see the story they came for.
  • Cutbacks in Ad Spending Predicted (NYTimes.com)
    The deterioration of the outlook for the national economy after the terrorist attacks is leading ad industry analysts to reassess their estimates for ad spending this year and next.
  • Cancellations Pummel Convention Industry (LATimes.com)
    Conferences: Concern over travel, safety and economic issues could mean a $1.5-billion loss.
  • Analyst Slashes Estimates for Web Firms (IAR)
    This is not what the Internet community wanted to hear: Goldman, Sachs analysts today cut their estimates for both advertising-dependent new media companies and e-commerce companies, citing further economic uncertainty following the attack on the United States.
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