• Banners´ Ineffectiveness Stalls an Up-and-Coming Rival to TV (NYTimes.com)
    The Web has quickly become a major ad medium. But it now appears that advertising on the Web is in its early days. Make that very early days.
  • The Advertising Century (AdAge.com)
    The century's top campaigns, people, slogans, jingles, and ad icons.
  • What a Year It Was (Office.com)
    Office.com asked industry observers to discuss the biggest advertising, marketing and PR stories of 2000 and the looming trends for 2001. They pulled no punches in their responses.
  • Coke Switches TV Ad Rotation (MediaWeek.com)
    Coca-Cola has changed the rotation of its TV advertising for first-quarter 2001 by delaying the broadcast of several football-themed spots from Cliff Freeman and Partners here until August-September 2001. They were originally scheduled to run throughout J
  • DSL Upstarts Can't Compete With Phone Giants (TheStandard.com)
    Despite strong efforts to lay down service lines across the U.S., many DSL providers are faced with closing down or selling out to their rivals.
  • Media Salaries Cool Even as Jobs Go Begging (MediaLife)
    If perchance you're looking for a job, rest assured: There are still plenty out there. Never mind the dot.com slowdown. But if you're expecting that by moving you'll wrangle yourself a fat jump in salary, forget about it.
  • Despite Recent Collapse, Dot-Coms Worthy of Our Praise (AdAge.com)
    Some new prayers of thanksgiving for the ways in which digital thinking has improved business in general, and the media and marketing industries.
  • New Ways To Market Movies (Inside.com)
    Studios, Furious At L.A. Times' Ad-Rate Hikes, Start Looking For Universal's Shmuger accuses paper of 'extorting money out of their captive clients.' Execs question whether newspapers are still the best way to reach younger audiences.
  • We Now Interrupt Your Browsing for This Commercial Message (NYTimes.com)
    Web browsing is about to be interrupted by a few commercial messages. This goes against the strong conviction among users that services should not be encumbered by advertising.
  • Online Ad Spending Works!? (Digitrends.net)
    Few people associate online advertising with success these days. But online ad spending seems to have worked for Prizecrazy.com.
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