• Radio's Big Bully (Salon.com)
    Dirty tricks and crappy programming: Welcome to the world of Clear Channel, the biggest station owner in America.
  • Why Traditional Agencies Struggle With the Internet (ClickZ)
    An interactive shop does pretty much what a traditional agency does, right? Hardly. The Internet is a special animal. So what is it about it that makes traditional agencies squirm?
  • Media Choice-The Marketer's Dilemma (Digitrends.net)
    Although the media choices facing today's marketers are grim, Internet advertising will continue to grow, and email and viral marketing will thrive.
  • Rich Media Campaigns: The Pros and Cons (ClickZ)
    How do you know when a rich media campaign makes sense? Here are the pros and cons, along with a formula for determining the viability of your rich media campaigns.
  • The Year of Marketing Dangerously (Digitrends.net)
    As the interactive marketing industry plummets like the Titanic, it's time for a higher level of creativity, with a particular focus on ads that engage the viewer.
  • iTV Deals Heating Up as Web Media Cools (IAR)
    Supporters of "enhanced" TV advertising say it's delivering on the promises that banner advertising's supporters once made.
  • Sick of Banners? Try Immersion (adsGuide.com)
    Banner ads-like billboards-will always have their place online. But as advertisers look to new ways of reaching consumers in cyberspace, they may want to consider a more immersive approach.
  • Agency Chairman Gives Stern Assessment of the Dot-Com Era (NYTimes.com)
    The dot-com debacle cast its shadow over the opening general session of the annual management conference of the American Association of Advertising Agencies.
  • Are Industry Averages Meaningful? (ClickZ)
    The quest for quotable industry averages on the Internet is a more desperate pursuit than it is for most other businesses. Here's why and a review of major online advertising industry averages: the CTR, CPM, and CPA.
  • Dot-Coms Slash Ad Spending (The Standard)
    In just one year, online companies have halved the amount they shell out for ads, a report finds.
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