• L.A. Considers New Roadside Billboard Policy (LATimes.com)
    Proposal for 70 added freeway signs and removal of thousands from city streets gets mixed response.
  • Coke Takes Integration Further With New Effort (IAR)
    Atlanta-based Coca-Cola's new "Life Tastes Good" branding campaign features plenty of traditional media, especially TV, but the company says the online component is more important than it's been in any previous marketing effort.
  • UPN Sinks Teeth Into WB's 'Buffy' (Variety)
    "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- the signature drama of the WB network -- is pulling up stakes and moving to rival network UPN.
  • Rich Media Campaigns: Missing the Mark (ClickZ)
    Proponents of rich media believe its better production values and greater interactivity result in a higher level of effectiveness. Most studies bear this out. Yet ad executives continue to purchase banners while rich media gets scraps.
  • FCC Ruling Frees Broadcasters (Variety)
    In a bow to deregulation, the Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to abolish a rule prohibiting joint ownership of a Big Four TV network and a so-called emerging network like UPN or the WB.
  • Rate Riot (IQ Connect)
    Banner ad CPMs are sliding toward rock-bottom prices. How low can they go?
  • Our Biggest Mistake: The Banner Ad. Or, How Martin Nisenholtz Can Save Content (Silicon Alley Daily)
    "If the IAB is going to sit around kidding themselves that bigger banners are going to solve the problem, we all might as well go apply for barista positions at Starbucks now."
  • A Push to Standardize Radio Ad Insertions (IAR)
    iM Networks and Lightningcast team up to integrate ad-insertion technology for both terrestrial and Internet-only radio stations, seeking to address some hot-button issues in the streaming industry.
  • Meeting the Needs of Traditional Advertisers (ClickZ)
    Now that the online advertising fires have cooled, it's time to huddle together with traditional advertisers and make sure everyone gets a little warmth.
  • CMR Reports Major Drop in Ad Spending (AdAge.Com)
    As if the industry needed more recessionary signals, media spending in January showed the first real decrease since the recession of 1991, according to newly released totals from CMR.
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