• Election Spike For Cable News (AdWeek)
    The monthly cable ratings report for November shows just how big a story the election gridlock in Florida has been for the all-news channels.
  • Attack of the Killer Audio Ads (TurboAds)
    The music blared from the desktop computer; a pounding, head-banger beat that reverberated through the sedate corporate office. Annoyed co-workers quickly demanded that the offender turn down his CD. But this was no CD and it was certainly not being playe
  • Salt Lake City Web Plan Concerns Media (USAToday)
    By offering government information and services over the Internet, Salt Lake City has given residents more than they could ask for. By selling online advertising to pay for its website, however, the city has given local businesses more than they could tak
  • Rumors of Online Retail’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (ClickZ)
    The mainstream press continues to pound away at the Internet industry, making it sound like it was a brief but happy fad. Yet, there is news that the death knell has been tolled too early.
  • Do Your Banners Know It's Christmas? (Digitrends.net)
    How to make holidays truly meaningful for your marketing strategy.
  • Sony Kills Santa Ads on Broadcaster Concerns (WSJ)
    Sony Electronics has killed a newly created U.S. advertising campaign, part of which features Santa Claus being chloroformed and dumped into the trunk of a car, after a cable network objected.
  • The Beginning Of The End For Free ISPs? (Forbes.com)
    Free ISPs are folding and defaulting on payments. They may soon become part of the Web's extravagant past.
  • Buying Ads Online (Presstime Magazine)
    NAA's new online ad-planning and buying service takes its first steps into the market.
  • Beyond Circulation (Presstime Magazine)
    Retailers represent some of newspapers' best customers, yet their repeated calls for more and better data continue to fall on deaf ears. This piece looks at the way some who have heard are delivering on the promise of full readership profiles.
  • New Deal Breaks Down Internet Advertising Barriers (XpressPress)
    Frustrating, isn't it? For many small and medium sized web enterprises, launching an internet ad campaign or trying to make money from their sites can turn into a logistical nightmare.
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