• Online Holiday Sales May Outperform Offline (IAR)
    Although it's still unclear, evidence is mounting that e-commerce sales were higher than expected - the question is, will that translate into profits for the sector?
  • Yahoo Wins HotJobs as TMP Passes (CBS.MW)
    The bidding battle stops here, but the war to oust top-seeded Monster as the top online recruiting company won't be easy.
  • E! Entertainment TV Plans Kudocast Saturation (Variety)
    E! Entertainment TV plans to schedule more awards-show coverage between Jan. 4 and 23 than at any other time in its 11-year history.
  • Yahoo's Rival Bid for HotJobs Set to Win (Reuters)
    Yahoo! Inc.'s acquisition offer for No. 2 Internet job recruitment company HotJobs.com Inc. looked set to win on Thursday, after the original suitor declined to sweeten its offer.
  • 2001: From Bad To Worse (E&P)
    Newspapers across the nation came into this year expecting a slump, but still hopeful it would be a "soft landing," the kind of manageable slowdown that can be quickly -- and predictably -- turned around. They were soon disabused of that notion.
  • Olympics Marketing Campaigns Begin (NYTimes.com)
    Several sponsors of the coming Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City are using the games to break major new advertising campaigns, while others are creating new ads that are an extension of continuing campaigns.
  • Marketing Unplugged (IAR)
    Mobile advertising has gotten a bad rap since it was hyped so strongly a year or so ago, but thinking more broadly is the first step to taking advantage of the wireless explosion.
  • Wireless Deal Falls Apart in Congress (NYTimes.com)
    The $16 billion deal to transfer more than 200 highly coveted airwave licenses to the nation's largest wireless telephone carriers collapsed after Congress failed to adopt legislation that was necessary to make it happen.
  • E-Commerce Numbers Add Up in December (cyberatlas)
    Research companies weigh in with their e-commerce numbers for the beginning of December, predictions on returns and the role of convenience in holiday shopping in this e-commerce round-up.
  • Adcritic.com: A Victim of Its Own Success? (NYTimes)
    Adcritic.com, a website that gained a broad following among devotees of television commercials new and old, collapsed on Tuesday. According to its creators, the site, which offered streaming video versions of the ads, was a victim of its own success.
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