• Bill Gates Touts Digital Newspapers (AP)
    Technological advances such as improved note-taking software and online newspaper design programs will help newspapers evolve and bring in new readers, Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates said Tuesday.
  • Professionals Prefer Typing To Talking (CyberAtlas)
    An overwhelming majority of businesspeople would rather communicate via e-mail than any other method.
  • Spam Becomes Public Enemy #1 (IAR)
    Although they all have different policies to combat the problem, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo plan to join forces against spam, marking the first time the three online behemoths have ever joined forces on a single initiative.
  • Overture Gets Squeezed (IAR)
    The paid search company is under increasing pressure as it juggles a number of new initiatives, two mergers, and mounting pressure from Google.
  • U.S. Court Rejects Suit Against Web Song-Swappers (Reuters)
    A federal court denied a request to shut down Internet song-swapping services Grokster and Morpheus on Friday, handing a stunning setback to the record labels and movie studios that have sought to curb unauthorized downloading of their works.
  • The Bank of ValueClick (Motley Fool)
    Savvy investors know that not all profits are created equal. It's one thing for a company to generate cash from ongoing operations -- which represents the high-quality variety of earnings that we love. But it's an entirely different thing when earnings are derived from non-operating sources such as interest income or legal settlements.
  • Simpson Has No Plans for Reality Show (AP)
    Contrary to widely circulated reports, O.J. Simpson said Thursday he won't be the star of a reality television show, but might consider becoming a news commentator for actor Robert Blake's murder trial.
  • Ex-L90 Officers to Plead Guilty to Charges (Dow Jones)
    Three former officers of L90 Inc. agreed Wednesday to plead guilty to criminal charges that they engaged in a scheme to generate fraudulent revenues.
  • MaxWorldwide Says Settles SEC Investigation (Reuters)
    Advertising firm MaxWorldwide Inc., formely L90 Inc., said on Wednesday it settled an probe by federal regulators concerning former officers allegedly overstating revenues.
  • Blockbuster Takes On New Strategy Vs. Netflix (Forbes.com)
    Tuesday should bring news on the rental chain's latest answer to the upstart dot-com.
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