• Cable's War Coverage Suggests a New 'Fox Effect' on Television (NYTimes.com)
    Fox News is now the most-watched source of cable news, with anchors who skewer the mainstream media, belittle the French and flay anybody who questions the president's war effort.
  • CBS Signs CEO Moonves to New Contract (AP)
    CBS Television has signed chief executive Leslie Moonves to a new five-year deal that also promotes him to chairman.
  • Ads Heading to Cell Phones, Mobile Devices (Reuters)
    The emerging medium is compelling because it costs a fraction of the price of a traditional campaign of similar scope, and it offers a relatively easy way to track who sees an ad and who acts on it.
  • Some Optimism Seen for Advertising (NYTimes.com)
    Debate dominated the closing session of an important advertising conference. Still, some executives offered hope for better days ahead.
  • Senate Anti-Spam Bill Introduced (IAR)
    The CAN-SPAM act would give consumers, federal and state authorities more ways to take aim at unsolicited bulk e-mailers.
  • Users Still Resistant to Paid Content (CyberAtlas)
    Internet users in the U.S., Australia, and Europe wonder why they should buy the cow when they are still getting the milk for free?
  • Murdoch Adds to Empire With Control of DirecTV (NYTimes.com)
    The News Corporation agreed to buy control of Hughes Electronics and its satellite operation from G.M. in a deal valued at $6.6 billion.
  • Takeovers on the Up and Up (TurboAds)
    Long available but little used, the homepage takeover may finally be hitting its stride as an ad format.
  • FCC's Powell Lauds Power-Line Internet Service (Reuters)
    The head of the Federal Communications Commission gave his blessing on Wednesday to an emerging technology that would provide high-speed Internet service through power lines.
  • ABC a Fourth-Place Network for Two Months (AP)
    Fox's resurgence over the past few months means ABC is frequently the fourth-place network, and its weakness was evident again last week.
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