• TiVo Launches Home Media Networking Service (Reuters)
    TiVo Inc. on Tuesday launched a service that lets users of its television recording service share saved shows in other rooms at home, a critical add-on feature that the company hopes will boost revenue.
  • Yahoo Rolls Out Revamped Search Features (Reuters)
    Yahoo Inc., facing stiff competition from Google, unveiled a revamped set of Internet search products on Monday, including putting maps, weather, news and other information directly in search results.
  • How Not To Wrestle A Gator (Forbes.com)
    You may be irritated by pop-up Web ads on news sites but grudgingly accept that online publishers need the advertising revenue to pay for content you get for free. Now imagine how furious publishers get when ads served by a company that has nothing to do with them pop readers off their pages.
  • Customer Service Lags, CRM Spending Expectations High (CyberAtlas)
    Online customer service has not met expectations, but projections of increased CRM spending through 2003 may aid the market -- and ultimately, the customers.
  • AOL Seeks Approval to Offer Advanced IM Service (Reuters)
    AOL Time Warner has asked federal regulators to allow the company to offer video streaming over an advanced instant messaging service, according to documents made available on Friday.
  • AOL Expands Univision Pact, Sets Best Buy Deal (Reuters)
    America Online, the online arm of AOL Time Warner Inc., said on Thursday it renewed and expanded its pact with Spanish-language broadcaster Univision Communications in a move to retain subscribers to its service by adding programming.
  • Predictions for TV Commercial Sales Are Cut (NYTimes.com)
    The ebullient forecasts for a record upfront market this spring season are being tempered as the war in Iraq enters its third week.
  • eBay Ends AOL Ad Sales Deal (IAR)
    Although some friction is reported between the companies, the money is increasingly less significant to eBay; meanwhile prosecutors are after PayPal's gambling transaction revenues.
  • Major Airlines Increase Advertising (NYTimes.com)
    Airlines are slowing beginning to step up advertising despite the war, the stagnant economy and the threat of terrorist acts.
  • TV Guide Celebrates 50th Anniversary (AP)
    At age 50, TV Guide is showing signs of maturity. Circulation is down amid competition from newspapers that offer their own listings and TV shows that provide a steady stream of celebrity news.
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