• Attracting New Newspaper Accounts (Presstime)
    Small advertisers are growing large in stature.
  • CNN CEO Says Not Close to Deal With Other Networks (Reuters)
    CNN is not close to a deal to combine its 24-hour news operations with those of ABC News or any other network despite periodic talks with news groups, CNN head Walter Isaacson told staff in a memo on Tuesday.
  • Levin Preaches Patience (Reuters)
    The retired AOL Time Warner chief said on Monday it was too early to judge the $106 billion merger.
  • A Few Surprises Spark the Emmys (AP)
    The set for Sunday's Emmycast was dominated by a tower of vintage televisions, all streaming classic shows from the past. Handsome stage design. But bad idea: It provided a constant reminder that other programs were available to watch on competing channels.
  • American Surfers Keep It Simple (CyberAtlas)
    A profile of online behavior indicates gaps between gender, age, and income levels with some common threads among access and activity.
  • Fox Plans Political Game Show (Drudge Report)
    American Candidate winner will run for office.
  • RealNetworks, AOL in Multimedia Web Advertising Deal (Reuters)
    RealNetworks Inc. said on Thursday that it had clinched a major deal to deliver its video and audio streaming technology to AOL Online Inc. that will enable the Internet provider to offer richer advertising.
  • A New Campaign on Fox TV Guarantees to Push the Envelope (NYT)
    Two Fox television networks are planning two clutter-busting initiatives that are sure to be controversial.
  • Calls Intensify for Ouster of AOL Chairman Case (Reuters)
    Investors are intensifying calls for the removal of AOL Time Warner Inc. (AOL) Chairman Steve Case, the main architect of the mega-merger that created a company that has failed to live up to its promise.
  • Dr. Phil Begins Big (B&C)
    In the biggest debut for a talk strip since Rosie O’Donnell, the first episode of Paramount Television’s Dr. Phil scored huge numbers, with a 5.2 rating/14 share in 53 metered markets, according to Nielsen Media Research.
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