• In That Place Where TV and the Net Almost Meet (NYT)
    This is not precisely what was meant by convergence. That word is commonly used for what some people believe will be, and should be, the union of the television and the computer, with the two gadgets combined into one appliance that can be used to watch and surf. The short-term reality has turned out to require a little less alchemy.
  • Basic Cable No Longer Basic (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
    Original series are paying off with higher viewership.
  • WorldCom Seeks to End Advertising Deal with AOL (Reuters)
    Bankrupt telecommunications giant WorldCom Inc. on Friday sought to cancel a deal to promote products and services with Internet and media giant AOL Time Warner Inc.
  • New Take On Religious Media (Newsweek)
    Heeb magazine expores Jewish identity with humor, centerfolds and a ‘reappropriated’ ethnic slur.
  • Postal Rates To Stabilize (DM News)
    The U.S. Postal Service is projecting a $600 million profit for the 2003 fiscal year.
  • Media Find Silence Is Tough (Washington Times)
    The minute of silence was about the only silence during yesterday's cavalcade of televised intrusions.
  • China Ends Blocking Of Internet Search Engine Google (DJ)
    As mysteriously as it began, blocking by Chinese authorities of Google Inc.'s Internet search engine was suddenly lifted on Thursday.
  • FCC to Review Media Ownership Rules (AP)
    Federal regulators launched a broad review of media ownership rules Thursday that could lead to major changes for newspapers and radio and television stations.
  • New AOL Chief Overhauls Division (Reuters)
    America Online chief executive Jon Miller on Thursday thinned out his top management ranks to take direct control of key units, in his first big move since being named head of the embattled Internet giant.
  • News Media Reflect on Sept. 11 (AP)
    Television relived and reflected upon the terrorist attacks Wednesday, offering a national gathering place to mark a touchstone of grief.
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