• Groups Protest Victoria's Secret Show (AP)
    Two women's groups and a media watchdog organization on Tuesday asked CBS not to air the Victoria's Secret fashion show, calling it a "soft-core porn infomercial." CBS said it was moving ahead with the broadcast of supermodels in lingerie on Wednesday night.
  • New AOL to Focus More on Games, Auctions than Ads (Reuters)
    The revamped America Online strategy that executives will present to parent AOL Time Warner Inc.'s (AOL) board and then investors calls for less emphasis on advertising and more on programs and e-commerce services, including games and auctions, industry sources said.
  • Tag Lines With Legs (Forbes.com)
    Every company strives for an advertising slogan that's durable enough to become a part of American culture. It's the brass ring on Madison Avenue, and it's incredibly difficult to attain. But by virtue of luck and hard work, these 11 companies came up with catch phrases that are at least 50 years old today, and solidly entrenched in the pantheon of pop culture.
  • Fox News Chief's Objectivity Questioned (Access Atlanta)
    New book details advice offered to President Bush.
  • Nintendo Plans GameBoy For TV (Yahoo)
    The new player, which is flat with a square surface equal to that of the GameCube, will hit store shelves next March in Japan and May in the United States.
  • HP Breaks Big Campaign (ZDNet)
    Its spending hundreds of millions of dollars in an effort to convince businesses of its technology strength.
  • Will Congress Pass Postal Rate Freeze? (DM news)
    Passage may be a tougher fight than first thought.
  • Martha Stewart Is Less Visible in Ads for Kmart (NYTimes.com
    Kmart is calling its holiday ad campaign "Give More Gifts, Spread More Cheer." At the same time, the retailer is showing less Martha Stewart.
  • Men's Mags See Readership Soar (NY Daily News)
    The total audience for men's magazines is growing, with Maxim leading the pack at twice the size of second-place GQ.
  • RealNetworks Expands Online Deal With NBA (Reuters)
    Hoping to make a slam dunk of its Web content subscription service, RealNetworks Inc. said on Thursday it will expand its alliance with the National Basketball Association.
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