• Starbucks Ads Leave Bitter Taste (Business 2.0)
    Bad taste has become a huge part of mainstream advertising.
  • Sony Accelerates Wireless Ads (DM News)
    A wireless campaign for Sony Pictures' "Ali" garnered 8,000 subscribers, beating similar efforts for "Jurassic Park III" and "The Lord of the Rings" to become the most successful such database-building initiative so far on handheld devices
  • Networks Spruce Up Summer Lineups (AP)
    Network audiences faced with reruns used to melt away like ice cream on a sultry day in the good old summertime. The current reality, though, is that summer represents a miniseason of fresh prime-time programming.
  • CBS Teams Up with Victoria's Secret (Reuters)
    CBS is betting that a parade of lingerie-clad models will do for its ratings what push-up bras do for cleavage.
  • Competitors Keep Close Eye On Martha (NYT)
    But so far there is little sign that her current travails will have an effect on advertisers or consumers.
  • McCain Introduces Bill For Free Political TV Time (Electronic Media)
    The bill has the backing of several watchdog and public-interest groups, including the AARP.
  • Publishers Size Up Balance of 2002 (Editor And Publisher)
    A slight upturn is seen at Mid-Year Media conference.
  • Starbucks Pulls Posters (AP)
    In-store ads got too close to images of Twin Towers.
  • FCC Set To Rule Next Spring (Broadcasting and Cable)
    The Federal Communications Commission will revamp all of its broadcast-ownership rules in one broad rulemaking.
  • Nickelodeon to Air Gay Parent Special (AP)
    Despite a staggering 100,000 emails and phone calls in protest, Nickelodeon will telecast a special for children about same-sex parents on Tuesday night.
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