• Swollen Orders Show Spam's Allure (Wired)
    A security flaw at a website operated by the purveyors of penis-enlargement pills has provided the world with a depressing answer to the question: Who in their right mind would buy something from a spammer?
  • EarthLink Offers Opt-Out (IAR)
    Latest software release adds user control to e-mail, pop-ups, ad- and spyware.
  • iVillage Buys Gurl.com From Primedia (Dow Jones)
    Women's media company IVillage Inc. acquired gURL.com, a website focused on teenage girls, from Primedia Inc.
  • If You Liked the Web Page, You'll Love the Ad (New York Times)
    Two Internet companies, Google and Overture, have made a brisk business of selling ads that appear alongside Web search results. Now, though, online publishers are beginning to sense the possibilities of having Google or Overture serve ads to their audiences.
  • No Complaints in the Online Ad Biz (Business Week)
    DoubleClick CEO Kevin Ryan says he always seems to get the same reaction whenever he sees old friends: They'll offer a sympathetic handshake and cautiously whisper, "Times must be tough." Well, they were. But after two lean years, life is looking up again for Ryan and the online ad business.
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