• Microsoft, Ask Jeeves To Add E-Mail Space
    Microsoft Corp. and Ask Jeeves Inc. are joining the rush to boost storage space for Web-based e-mail, in advance of a service expected from Google Inc.
  • High-Speed Love Connection
    If the excitement over Internet-enabled adult gadgets at the recent Erotica Los Angeles trade show is any indication of what's to come, virtual sex may have at last become reality.
  • Napster, Best Buy in digital music marketing deal
    Reuters, June 24, 2004 No. 1 electronics retailer Best Buy Co Inc. on Wednesday said it reached a multiyear agreement to promote Napster as its leading digital music service through in-store marketing and broadcast, print and online advertising.
  • Lawmakers Move Toward Placing Restrictions on Spyware Programs
    Federal and state lawmakers are moving to crack down on spyware, a wide range of software programs that track a computer user's online activities and often flood the screen with annoying pop-up ads.
  • AOL Worker Is Accused of Selling 93 Million E-Mail Names
    An engineer working for America Online was arrested yesterday and charged with stealing 92 million e-mail addresses of AOL customers and selling them to spammers that were peddling penis enlargement pills and online gambling sites.
  • NEC, Nike Honored at Cyber Gala
    A NEC Corp. Web site that created a virtual tree out of consumers' comments on environmental issues took home the Cyber Grand Prix at the International Ad Festival tonight, as did Nike for an online campaign that used bears to motivate people to run.
  • 4 Rivals Almost United on Ways to Fight Spam
    Four large Internet service providers agreed yesterday to a partial truce in their battle with one another over potential technology to stop junk e-mail in hopes that they can devote their united energy to fighting spam.
  • Clinton Book Mania Explodes on the Web
    Just hours after former U.S. president Bill Clinton finished a first round of book-signings for his new memoir, published Tuesday, autographed copies were selling on eBay for $250 and more.
  • Wireless Race for Speed Intensifies
    USA Today, June 23, 2004 Sprint and Cingular Wireless unveiled plans Tuesday to speed rollouts of broadband services for mobile phones and laptops. They're moving to close the gap with high-speed front-runner Verizon Wireless.
  • Hundreds More Sued Over Music File Swaps
    The music industry filed copyright infringement lawsuits against 482 computer users Tuesday, the latest round of litigation by recording companies against suspected online music file-swappers.
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