YouTube Launches AdBlitz Channel As Super Bowl LVII Gets Underway

Super Bowl LVII fans can now watch the first teasers and commercials on the YouTube AdBlitz channel, including the National Football League’s (NFL’s) and Hyundai’s Super Bowl in-game spots.

YouTube on Tuesday launched AdBlitz, to enable fans to check out this year’s Super Bowl ads. The site gives fans a central location to view and share the year’s biggest ads before, during and after the game.

Last year, Hyundai ran a month-long AdBlitz campaign in the weeks leading up to and following the Super Bowl, generating more than 247 million impressions, compared with previous years when the brand invested heavily in TV ads throughout the game.

Now, with than two weeks until the Super Bowl, fans are gearing up for The Big Game, going to YouTube to view highlights from playoff games, brush up on Rihanna lyrics for the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show, find recipes for game-day parties, and listen to podcast predictions on who will go home with the Lombardi trophy.



Most notable is that among adults who claim they will not be consuming the Super Bowl, 63% are still enthusiastic about the advertising. And one third plan to watch on a streaming service rather than on broadcast and cable, according to Adtaxi’s annual Super Bowl Viewership survey.

Viewers are shifting from linear TV to streaming. This is evident with the biggest moments of the year like the Super Bowl. According to Comscore, last year during Super Bowl LVI, YouTube reached 77% of adults with a Super Bowl ad vs. 72% on TV. 

The NFL has been leaning into the platform for years with its owned channels and original content.

YouTube announced a partnership with the NFL to bring Sunday Ticket to YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime channels. According to Kantar, 74% of fans who indicated they are very interested in sports visit YouTube multiple times a week.

“We’re excited to bring our Super Bowl campaign back to AdBlitz again this year as the program provides us with an innovative way to reach our current and next generation of fans,” states Blake Stuchin, vice president and head of NFL digital media business development. “The NFL and YouTube partnership continues to grow and create new touchpoints for fans -- from highlights every week of the season, to original shows like the Emmy-winning Game Day All-Access, to NFL Sunday Ticket coming exclusively to YouTube starting in the 2023 season.”

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