Basis Automates TikTok Ads Performance Reporting

Basis Technologies is offering steps to automate marketing accountability and reporting with the integration of TikTok ad-delivery data alongside programmatic, direct, search and social — despite reports that the company notes exceptions for storing creator data.

A central hub in the Basis platform enables advertisers to manage campaigns across a variety of platforms, making it easy to understand and optimize performance data.

The cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software company announced the move on Tuesday, and says the integration allows advertisers to gain access to real-time performance data from TikTok’s self-serve platform. 

Amy Rumpler, senior vice president of search and social services at Basis Technologies, believes that by integrating data from TikTok to Basis, the company can automate an important step in marketing accountability and reporting.

Its delivery data integrations -- including Google Search, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn -- automate the process of cross-channel campaign planning, performance tracking, and pacing.

The goal is to reduce the time that media professionals need to check on how campaigns run and then make adjustments as needed, in addition to running and unifying reports.

Metrics are drawn from major ad servers, social and search services, and its integrated demand-side platform (DSP).

The company says the benefits include more easily discovering and addressing mistakes to ensure dollars across channels deliver a return on investment, and removing steps to avoid the necessity to log into multiple platforms to check pacing of individual campaigns. 

The delivery data integrations allow media buyers to pace their campaigns and optimize them and improve clarity and intelligence by eliminating data silos.

Basis Technologies' capabilities include ad buying via programmatic, vendor-direct, search and social. But as companies add TikTok to platform, concerns and questions remain over TikTok sending data back to ByteDance and the People’s Republic of China. In a response this past Thursday to a bipartisan probe by Senators Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn, TikTok said that "certain creator data" is not protected.

The document states that exceptions to transferring data to China "include categories such as public data, business metrics, interoperability data, and certain creator data, if a creator voluntarily signs up for a commercial program to be supported by TikTok in reaching new audiences and monetizing content."

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