Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for September 2019
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Sept. 16, 2019
How MedAnswers Is Bettering The Baby Odds
D2C Brands Struggle As Shopkeepers
Harry's Co-Founders Will Bring D2C Lessons To Edgewell Brands
Online Grocery Spend Grows 15%
Target Launches Loyalty Program
Ecommerce Email Templates That Work
Amazon Market Share Slips In Niche Categories
Time Spent Watching Online Video Expanding To 100 Minutes Daily, Ad Budgets Set To Follow
Online Retailers Neglect To Send Post-Purchases Messages, UK Study Finds
GDPR Truants: Less Than Half Are Fully Complying
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Sept. 9, 2019
Buzz Builds Around Food Traceability: Nectar Wires The Hive
Digital Workout: How Brands Are Transforming Themselves
Brands Do Their Homework: Content Helps Back-to-School Email Sales
Older Consumers Embrace New Media, Tech In Big Way
It's The 'PIT's: Shatner's Blockchain Ad
U.K. Just OK: Open Rates Are High, Click Rates Below Average
2019 Effie Case Study Series: Ask the Cloud
Apple Changes Its App Store Search Algorithm
Marketing D2C Weekly - Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019
Can Rental Save A Retail Icon?
Food Leads The Way As Private Label Flourishes
Why One Consumer Rents Her Party Clothes
D2C Food Start-Up Is UK's Biggest Facebook Advertiser
D2C Brand Le Tote Scoops Up Lord & Taylor For $100M
With Sharper Marketing, Williams-Sonoma Delivers Strong Growth
Puma Opens Pop-Up 'Endorphin Store'
Study: Customer Satisfaction Now Top Marketing Metric Worldwide
Leading The Pack: How Brands Drive Quality Leads
Worldwide Opens And Clicks: Newsletters Do Well, Triggered Emails Even Better
GroupM's Wieser: 'Marketers Need To Be Prepared For A Downturn'