Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for February 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020
The OTT Candidate
Ninth Dem Debate: Five Hopefuls Vs. A Newbie Billionaire
Founders Would Have Deemed Pace Of News Unprecedented: Un-President-ed, Too
Why 'Political Ratings,' And Why Now: A Q&A With Nielsen's Michelle Andreas
What Is The Moral Responsibility Of A Platform?
Facebook Failing to Appease Some Policymakers
Lanford Feels The Bern as 'Conners' Goes Live On NH Primary Night
Privacy Bill Clears Washington State Senate
Boris Is Coming For The BBC
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020
Digital Political's 'Big One'
U.S. Political Ad Spending To Approach $7 Billion, Represent 1.4% Of All Media Ad Revenues
Facebook, Twitter Refuse To Ban Trump's Doctored Video Of Pelosi's Speech-Rip Moment
Trump Leads In Use Of Name By Email Scammers: Report
Nielsen 'Voter Ratings' Illustrate Disparity Vs. General Market
TV Decorum In A Presidential Election Year? No Way!
Consumers And Marketers Agree Candidates Should Make Privacy A Priority
America's Consumer Anxiety
California AG Revises Potential Privacy Regulations
FTC To Study Big Tech Acquisitions Since 2010
Washington Privacy Proposal Will Spur 'Frivolous Litigation,' Ad Industry Warns
A Taste Of 2020 Trends: Twilio Outlines Five Areas Of Change
'The New Republic' Redesigns, Erects Metered Paywall
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020
The Iowa Tokhes
YouTube Confirms It Will Police False Political Content, Including Deepfakes
It's Not Just The GDP, Stupid
'The Washington Post' To Roll Out Data-Driven Initiatives For 2020 Election Coverage
FTC Wants To Stop Edgewell's Acquisition Of Harry's
Apple News Adds No Value To 2020 Political Coverage
Super Ad Wins: 'Smaht Pahk,' 'Groundhog Day,' 'Loretta,' 'Cool Ranch,' 'Alexa,' 'Tough Never Quits'