MediaPost Weekend Editions for October 2017
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017
When Agencies Practice What They Tweet, Or Not
Fox To Air 6-Second, In-Game NFL Spots On Thanksgiving
YouTube's Milestone: Users Now Watch 100 Million Hours Per Day On TVs
McDonald's Reviews $2 Billion Global Media Assignment
AI Seconds That Emotion
Twitter Restates User Count, Wrongly Attributed 3rd-Party App Audiences
How Trump Is Making TV Great Again
Saving The World Is Hard -- So Is Conference Organizing
Trump Reacts To 'Impeachment' TV Ad Buy, Ironically Draws Attention To It
U.S. Ad Market Flattens In Q3
Lexus Departs Weinstein Company's 'Project Runway'
New Fall Shows Aren't Very Memorable
As Amazon Prime Hits 90 Million, Online Holiday Spending To Surpass Brick-And-Mortar
Ad Sector Stocks Fall After Weak Q3 Performance By IPG
Yep, We Should Be Scared Of AI
When Technology Makes Us Better People
Why Letterman's Beard Bugs Me
Thor: What Is It Good For?
WPP's Shopping Spree Is The Biggest In Adland So Far In 2017
NFL Posts Small Uptick In September TV Ad Revenues
Digital Dopamine: When 'Delightful' Becomes a Drug
Tightening Political Ad Disclosure Rules May Not Curb 'Fake News,' IAB Says
Johnnie Walker Celebrates Immigrants In 'Citizenship' Spot
TV Stations' Cash Flow Is Better Performance Measure Than Core Advertising
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017
Netflix Could Become Industry's Biggest Spender On Content In 2018
Nielsen Starts SVOD Measuring Service, Focuses On Netflix
NFL TV Ratings Narrow Declines
Campbell's Global Media Assignment Is Put In Play
Marriott Puts Global Media Assignment In Review
Are TV Stations Losing Their Advertising Relevance?
Google Makes TV Ad Buys Smarter -- Programmatically
The Unintended Consequences Of Social Media
Report Finds Experts Split On Digital's Role In A Post-Post-Truth World
Hearst Buys Rodale Magazines, Content Business
Major TV Stations' Stocks Rise, Sinclair Sales Bids Could Hit $1B
Heavy Commercial Loads Are Killing Basic Cable
We Don't Need More Athletes Or Models -- We Do Need People Who Understand Complexity
Broadcast, Live Viewing Still Dominant, OTT Growing
U.S. Publishers: $15.8B Annual Revenue Lost To Ad Blocking
Will Mobile Become The Dog Wagging TV Advertising's Tail?
Facebook's VR Vision Beats Apple To Market
VAB Offers TV Networks Thor, Attribution Measurement Platform
How NOT To Simplify Your Agency Comp To Reduce Costs
Did A WPP Executive Help Enable Harvey Weinstein's Misconduct?
We're Not Ready To Live In A Post-Email World Yet
Google Attribution Rolls Out To Thousands Of Marketers
Are Agency Careers A Dead End?
Trump Nominates Three For FTC, Including Simons As Chair
Horizon Partners With SpokenLayer For Voice-Activated Capabilities
Cooper Hefner Promises To Revamp 'Playboy' Site
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017
AT&T Filing Reveals OTT May Be Offsetting 'Big Bundle' Erosion
Democratic Congressman Wants FTC To Release Reports Of Closed Google Probe
ANA, 4As And IAB Include Browsers In Self-Regulatory Digital Ad Standards
Marketers, You Want Innovation? Bring On The Engineers!
Can't Bribe Your Way To Quality
Google Releases Latest AdWords Interface To All
Report: More Marketers Seen Boosting Amazon Ad Budgets Compared To Google, FB
Time Inc Cuts Circulation, Frequency Of Magazines
Google Hit With New Privacy Suit For Sharing Data With App Developers
Fox Stock Falls On U.S. World Cup Defeat
Peltz Loses Battle For P&G Seat But Will Continue To Engage
Esther Dyson Talks About AI, Real-World Issues
Black Friday, T-Day Dropping; Amazon, Walmart Lead Planned Holiday Destinations
Supreme Court Lets Pro-Facebook Decision Stand In Battle Over Scraping
157 Shades Of Grey
Future Envisioned In 'Mr. Robot' Is Already Here
Senate Democrats Urge Regulators To Review Possible Sprint Merger With T-Mobile
Ad Tech's Dirtiest Secret Acronym: WMD
Alex Weprin Joins 'MediaPost' As Editor, 'Digital News Daily'
Google Reportedly Finds Russian-Bought Ads On Search, YouTube, DoubleClick
Craigslist Sides With LinkedIn In Battle Over Users' Data
Empower: Shorter Name, New And Bigger HQ
Time Inc., Google Launch Native Video Ad Unit
FCC Commissioner Challenges Trump's 'Fake News' Challenge: 'Not How It Works'
Target Links Google Voice Search With Express Delivery Nationwide
New York AG Looks Into Deloitte Data Breach
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017
Marketers Discuss Strategies For Surviving, Thriving
Activism, Brand Safety Key Discussion Points At ANA Masters Of Marketing
What Happened In Vegas, Stated In Orlando: MGM's Tomovich Discusses Pulled Campaign
Companies Support Those Affected By Las Vegas Shooting, Respect National Grief
Plot Thickens In WPP Fight Over $1.3 Billion Bain Tender Offer
The Much-Needed End Of Marketing Cycles
Intelligence Will Only Get You So Far: Artificial, Real Or Otherwise
Yahoo Data Breach Included All Three Billion Accounts
YouTube Changes Algorithm As Fake News Rises To Top Of Search Results
Las Vegas Shooting Aftermath Shows Fake News Is Alive And Well
How (Not) To Share A Massacre
Facebook Comes Clean About Russian Ads
Trust No One, Trust Nothing
Pirate's Booty: TAG Finds Brands Spent $111 Million On Illicit Sites, Calls For Quality Control
Shorter-Duration TV Commercials On The Rise
Late Night In America: What Is There To Say Anymore?
YouTube TV Is Presenting Sponsor Of World Series
IAB Tech Labs Designs Workaround For Apple Safari Browser Tracking Changes
Facebook Hires 1,000 More Ad Reviewers
Google Replaces 'First Click Free' With 'Flexible Sampling' For Publishers
Google Reports Rise In Data Requests From Governments
Democrats Call For Ouster Of FCC Chief
Dentsu Fined Whopping $4,400 For Driving Employee To Commit Suicide
Story Insists Advertisers Would Shun O.J. TV Interview
Carat Lands Jack, Boxes Out 15-Year Incumbent Horizon
AOL To Close AIM, Cites Obsolescence