• Take It Inside!: Indoors Is Next Mobile Mapping Battleground
    Shelf, aisle and mall maps are the next data sets that the AppGooSoft triumverate will battle to control. But should retailers be so quick to hand over the keys to their aisles for someone else to monetize?
  • An E-Book Comes Screaming Across The Sky: Even Pynchon Is Mobile Now
    One of the last remaining backlists from a living master hit the e-book market today. The digital conspiracy is complete. Can we move on now?
  • Amazon Goes Cloud To Cloud With Apple On iPhone
    Amazon brings its Cloud Player app into the iOS environment to go head to head with Apple's own iCloud music system. But consumers still have to struggle with rivals putting limitations on supposedly 'media everywhere' experiences.
  • Siri Tweets, iOS Iterates, And Apple Starts Building Its Own iWallet?
    Apple outlined its next iOS iteration, including enhanced Siri, new maps and a tantalizing app that assembled mobile passes, loyalty cards, etc. in one place. Hmm. All that is missing is NFC?
  • At Least Mitt Romney is Buying Into the iAd
    The Romney Presidential campaign had raised a ton of money -- enough to start tossing it at the underwhelming iAd platform. The campaign starts this week and complements TV buys in key states.
  • Apple's App Empire Still Beating Android's Fragmentation Nation
    While Android is making incremental gains against iOS when it comes to developer interest, the revenue picture is much brighter for iPhone/iPad apps. Still, Google Play is an under-appreciated improvement over its predecessor.
  • Nielsen: M-Commerce Needs To Gain Consumer Trust
    Nielsen's latest survey of consumer attitudes toward making purchases on their phones suggests the platform has a long way to go in gaining user trust and familiarity. Or is the glass really half full?
  • Threadflip Shows How Mobile Makes The Web Look Frumpy
    An eBay for clothes-horses, Threadflip just released an app with the kind of clean and efficient design more retailers should follow. It is too easy to get lost here.
  • Facebook Is From Mars, Instagram Is From Venus?
    Does mobility change the nature of social networking in more profound ways than we may imagine? Do Instagram, Viddy and even the Pinterest app encourage capturing joyful moments in a way Facebook does not?
  • Can Walmart Beat In-Store Apps At Their Own Game?
    In a major upgrade to its iOS apps, Walmart adds a special in-store mode that tries to keep its customers in the brand's own mobile house. The power comes in tying in-store features to a broader pre-shopping experience.
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