• Sure, You Know Jack!
    One of the venerable games of the early PC era comes to iOS and shows us how it is done. YDKJ is the kind of experience that almost begs for advertising to complete it.
  • Google Maps Returns To iOS: The World Rejoices
    The sorely missed Google Maps app returned to iOS last night. Let the tech blogs gush over vectors' public transit mapping. For me, multi-screen integration seals the deal.
  • Apple, Best Buy And Kohl's Lead In Mobile Shopper Satisfaction
    Some of the top retailers are living up to most users' expectations with their mobile and tablet-ready sites and apps, a new study finds. Speed, however, remains a chief source of frustration.
  • Virgin Mobile Epic Ad Fail Blamed On Agency 'Rogue Post'
    Virgin Mobile posted a tasteless joke ad over the weekend that ticked off a sexism awareness project, Sir Richard Branson, and even Virgin Mobile before it was over.
  • Glyder Gamifies The VSB Space With Message-Builder App
    Veterans of OpenTable and Zynga have joined to offer a marketing app aimed at helping the smallest of small businesses stay in touch with their customer in rich and personal ways.
  • The Traveling In-Box: Mobile Email Opens Up 50% This Holiday
    The share of emails being opened on devices is up dramatically this year, with tablets now becoming a noticeable force. Dear Santa: please make your messages easier to manage when I am out doing your elf grunt work.
  • Mobile Shopping Beyond The 'Showroom' Effect
    New Nielsen surveys of consumers who use their smartphones for shopping underscore the sheer range of rituals that the devices have now penetrated. the opportunities here extend far beyond 'showrooming.'
  • Kickvox Tries To Build A Mobile-Native Search Experience
    Someday on mobile devices we will imagine ourselves out of the search box and results scroll -- the format we have been using for the last decade on the Web. Kickvox at least glimpses an alternative search style -- if not model.
  • AR Struggles To Get Beyond 'Wow, Cool'
    A new picture book edges the art of augmented reality toward, well, art. But are there AR stories to be told, and richer and deeper effects to be had?
  • Google Play Downloads Start Catching Up With iOS
    Shortly after relaunching its Android app market as Google Play, Google saw substantial growth in downloads and a narrowing of the app gap between it and iOS.
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