• They CAN coexist - independently
    Last week at the Email Insider Summit, I have a feeling that our panel's constant yammering about social networks made more than a few people nervous (except for the Facebook representative). For the time being though, email marketers and developers can rest easy. The fact is that that email and social networks are neck-and-neck vying [...]
  • Where's the line?
    In just four short years, there has been a small yet considerable change in the college application process. When I applied for an undergraduate education, I filled out a paper admission's application. As you may also remember, one of the most exciting parts of the whole process was receiving "the big envelope." Everyone knew [...]
  • Ask, whine, respond
    Relaying our inner-most anger about a customer service issue can sometimes be difficult. I've enjoyed following Comcast , Digsby and jetBlue's Twitter accounts. They've provided easy access for the early adopters to tweet-off about positive and negative experiences. Communication is a two-way road. What makes these accounts useful is not their regular updates, but their responses to [...]
  • Judging People by their Programs (and their social networking site)
    While living in New York this summer, I do not have a television. This has been an interesting life style change, I still manage to watch my television shows. This past week of television had three season finales that I simply had to watch: Bones, House, Grey's Anatomy. The residence hall that [...]
  • A Lesson in SPAM
    I just attended the Email Insider Summit, and I came back with more than just a sunburn-I gained a little knowledge, too. One of the most notable things I learned was about the repercussions of marking an email as SPAM. This is a subject Amanda hinted at in her last blog-she mentioned how several of the [...]
  • A true YouTube video montage
    Viral means, i.e., a friend IMing me, brought the following to my attention today. It's Weezer's video for their new song, "Pork and Beans." Aside from the band's new tune, the music video features many of the famous icons who've intentionally (or unfortunately) competed in a game of YouTube Idol during the last few years. Wired [...]
  • Digital Cliquing
    Earlier this week I received an invite to be part of a blog for a small group of friends who just graduated. We all log in under the same username and password to post our latest personal update and view our friends' posts. Essentially, it's our own chat room that never logs off and allows [...]
  • Notes from the Email Insider Summit
    As any panelist will tell you, you just never get to talk about everything you want to while you're up on stage. After our "Notes from the Digital Frontier" panel at the Email Insider Summit, I realized there were several points I wanted to reiterate and highlight with regard to email as a marketing outlet. [...]
  • Dead Mice
    I submit that before too long, mice will be a thing of the past. Keyboards, too. With technology like Microsoft's Surface and Apple's iPhone, these devices are getting replaced by our own fingers. Personally, I'm rather excited. With what has been demonstrated so far, multitouch technology seems to be far superior to traditional methods of controlling [...]
  • Look into my eyes
    From the Sites to Watch Department: This morning a co-worker tipped me off to a fast-growing YouTube channel. It was 64th in views this morning, but as I write this afternoon it's climbed to #9. It's called "I Beat You." The video on the page, as of this posting, features the start of a staring contest ... [...]
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