• How to Publish Web Site Updates via IM
    As a follow-up to David's post about the instant messaging and social networking software Digsby, I thought I would provide another solution I've found for IM-to-Web status updates.
  • Technology Hiatus
    Announcement: Two weeks ago, I officially graduated from college. Feel free to send me a congratulatory e-card, particularly any of the ones with Hoops and Yoyo. They're my favorite. As I assume many of you have also graduated from college, you know that after your final year you're ready for a break. Well, ideally, I [...]
  • Ah, the paradox of the information superhighway
    I am moving in a few months to a new school in a new state. Moving is always a stressful experience, but moving to a place you've visited once, and to a larger city makes the process that much more nerve-racking. Luckily I've started early enough to leave several months for apartment and furniture shopping, [...]
  • Addiction
    Less than a week ago, I abandoned my old, shoddy apartment in favor of a spacious, luxurious, new house. It's been great except... I've been living with no internet for the past four days and it's been tough. It has been both amazing and surprising for me to realize how addicted I am to connectivity. My [...]
  • Allow me to introduce myself...
    Howdy. I'm Brandon, a master's candidate in Ball State University's Digital Storytelling program. My time remaining at BSU is short, but a lot is occurring in the industry that is worth writing about. My focus is current and emerging Web technologies. More specifically, I spend my time analyzing Web 2.0 functionality and its progression. Within the [...]
  • OMFG My BFF Jill
    Some things in life, I just don't understand: for example, text-messaging lingo. I never really got into texting. I know, I'm one of the rare people in the world. When my friends text me twice in a row, I will just simply call them. This may be agitating to my friends, but it helps [...]
  • I dig it
    I'm now a proud user of Digsby, an all-in-one instant messenger client with one major twist: It does social networking, too. Now when I login with my one Digsby account I see a panel of all the following services I subscribe to: Yahoo! Google Talk (GChat) AIM Facebook Chat & Updates/Notifications MySpace Updates Twitter Updates AOL Mail (I'm a product of the '90s [...]
  • Facebook Chat
    Facebook chat is amazing.  A week ago, my friends and I were trying to think of a web technology Facebook still needed to integrate.  These were the results:1. Text chat2. Twitter-like "micro-blogging"3. Video chat4. GPS-connected information (ex. "Michael is on campus [click for Google Map]")One down.  Twitter is kind of useless to me so it could go by the wayside for all I care.Can we think of any others?  Because, if we can think of them, they're inevitable.More About Facebook Chat
  • When the hand that feeds you bites back
    Recently, I was surveying 5th graders in a local elementary school. As I parallel parked in the side street, I felt a sense of relief for having found the school. Considering that I am new to the city, I decided that if I had not found the school, because it was taking me much longer [...]
  • Online Video: It's Just Not for Me
    Maybe I am behind the times (I usually am, so this isn't surprising), but I just cannot get into online video. I have tried and tried, but for some reason it's just not for me. I don't get into YouTube, I have never used HuLu and despite my best efforts I don't care enough to [...]
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