• Carson Explains How Advertising, Connected TV Define Vevo's Future
    Jonathan Carson, chief revenue officer at Vevo, discusses the company's cross-platform strategy and how it affects advertising. Prior to joining Vevo last year, he was at Nielsen, most recently serving as CEO, Digital.
  • Sony's Crackle Latches On To Chromecast Dongle
    The number of online video services available on the $35 Chromecast dongle is expanding, as is competition among OTT providers. Chromecast, which last summer began offering a WiFi way for viewers through a $35 dongle to view YouTube and Netflix on a second screen, also offers Google Play, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora and Chrome itself.
  • Report Reveals Gross Disparity In Online Video Ratings, Implies Overstatement
    In an advertising marketplace disparity that likely has not been seen since Arbitron and Nielsen competed as currencies for local TV advertising buys decades ago, an influential Wall Street analyst released a report this morning suggesting the gap is far worse for the burgeoning online video advertising business. The analysis released this morning by Pivotal Research Group's Brian Wieser shows audience estimates produced by comScore, the current Madison Avenue standard, to be about three times higher than those being produced by challenger Nielsen.
  • New IAB Glossary Limits 'View,' Defines 'Skip' (As In Ads)
    For the first time since 2008, the IAB updated its Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metric definitions, and is inviting public comment on the mostly small tweaks. The reworked version refines some terms, and tosses out the word "view" as a metric -- basically because it is often confused with an "impression."
  • Adknowledge Buys Video Platform GiantMedia
    Adknowledge, the acquisitive performance ad network, just bought Giant Media -- a video platform that distributes content for brands. The video platform that distributes content for brands is nothing less than a viral video master, according to Ben Legg, CEO of Adknowledge.
  • Machinima Draws Closer To Funding, Deal With Warner Bros., Restructuring Continues
    Machinima is reportedly close to raising upwards of $18 million to scale its gamer-geared online video platform. Yet the expected financing won't help the 42 employees just released by the YouTube multichannel network. Machinima appears to be in a protracted slate of restructuring.
  • Innovid and Atlas Solutions Team Up On Advanced Ad Platform
    Atlas SoIutions, the ad server and measurement platform purchased from Microsoft by Facebook last year for a reported $100 million, will use Innovid as its platform to deliver advanced advertising, both companies said on Wednesday.
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