• Puppies and Clydesdales Rule! Bud Wins the Pre-Super Bowl Ad Derby, and So What?
    This year, Visible Measures says in a blog post, 30 brands have released more than 40 campaigns of pre-game content online. It all looks so...resistible.
  • Machinima COO Reeves Leaves to Rejoin Start-Up
    Nanea Reeves, Machinima's chief operating officer since March 2012, left the company at the beginning of the year, VideoInk is reporting. VideoInk said multiple sources confirmed that Reeves left the online gamer network -- apparently amicably -- to rejoin colleagues at TextPlus, a start-up voice and messaging service for mobile devices. Reeves was hired by Machinima to help it expand distribution across platforms, VideoInk said, and assisted in launching Machinima apps for Xbos360 and Xbox One.
  • Fox Sports Digital Taps YouTube Space L.A. For New Series
    Aligning nicely with YouTube's original content ambitions, Fox Sports recently tapped the video giant's online platform and physical production studios to find fresh talent. The winning video, announced Thursday, came from the guys behind the AVByte YouTube channel, who re-envisioned "This Week in Sports" as a one-minute musical.
  • VivaKi Chooses Innovid as Worldwide Ad Solutions Partner
    VivaKi has made its existing relationship with Innovid more expansive, choosing the immersive video technology company as its preferred ad partner for all of its branches worldwide.
  • Poptent Video Adds An Inexpensive Music Component
    Crowdsourced video production company Poptent has joined with Rumblefish to create Poptent Soundtracks, providing a catalog of copyright-cleared soundtracks for Poptent's 70,000 members to tap into for inexpensive, and negotiation-free music. .
  • NDN Picks Google's DoubleClick for Ads
    NDN, the news-oriented online video platform reaching more than 49 million monthly unique viewers, said it will begin using Google's DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) as its ad server across its global platform.
  • Super Bowl Ads Rack Up 44 Million Views On YouTube Pre-Game
    Super Bowl ads released on YouTube prior to the game drove 3.4 times more views on average than commercials released on TV the day of the game. Axe Peace: Make Love, Not War was n the highest-ranking spot, with 3.4 million views.
  • Digital Revs Hit $8B In 2013, Shadows TV's $150B Gain
    Last year, how did digital video dollars compare to TV dollars? TV revenue rose $7 billion to $150 billion, while digital revenue rose $2 billion to $8 billion. Half -- or $4 billion -- of that digital money came from advertisers, while the other half came from subscription. Video and mobile advertising revenue are expected to be the fastest-growing segments in 2014.
  • VOD Services Register Uptick, While Premium Cable Dips
    Despite the many challenges facing Netflix and other video-on-demand services, they continue to grow in popularity at the expense of premium cable services. Over the past two years, there has been a 6% point overall decline in U.S. households subscribing to HBO, Showtime, and other premium TV channels, while households subscribing to SVOD services grew 4 points.
  • Netflix Driving Higher Earnings, More Subscribers
    Despite stiff competition and the rising cost of quality content, analysts expect Netflix to report strong fourth-quarter earnings next week. The streaming service has an estimated net gain of roughly 2 million subscribers during the quarter -- which, if accurate, would represent an 8% gain year-over-year.
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