• UPDATE:Nazi-Like Subway Promo To Be Yanked; Did Amazon or MTA Make The Call?
    After an outcry by New York's mayor, the Anti-Defamation League, transit riders and media-trade Web sites, a promo for Amazon's "The Man In The High Castle" will reportedly be removed from a New York subway car. But who made the call? Amazon or the MTA?
  • VAST 4.0 Could Be The Vast Unifier
    It's time for all publishers, not just the biggest ones, to pay attention to this new template.
  • YouTube Gives Viewers Virtual Reality On Video For Android
    YouTube gained a new playlist Thursday filled with videos rooted in virtual reality, allowing viewers to visualize depth. The experience through Google Cardboard supports 360-degree videos, including a "Hunger Games" trailer,
  • Google YouTube To Offer Third-Party Viewability Options
    Moat, Integral AdScience, comScore and DoubleVerify are a select set of third-party vendors that have been approved to report ad viewability on YouTube. The shift begins with Moat in early 2016.
  • Fox/Hulu Viewers' Choice: One 'Engagement Ad' To Avoid Regular Blurbs
    The engagement ads come from 21st Century Fox subsidiary True[x] and will show up on Hulu on Fox owned shows that show on that digital platform. Mondelez International is the advertiser