• Conde Nast's 'Scene' Makes Major Move Into Video Aggregation
    Media buyers (or those not cool enough to get private demos) are getting their first look at The Scene -- Cond Nast Entertainment's ambitious new video hub. The Scene officially launched on Wednesday and represents an aggressive move into video aggregation.
  • Vidyo Nabs $20M In Financing, Democratizes Video Collaboration
    Vidyo is taking another $20 million in financing. It seeks to bridge the gap between million-dollar teleconferencing services offered by Cisco and Hewlett-Packard and low-quality PC-based services like Skype.
  • YouTube With $3.5B Revenue In 2013, Says One Report
    Google's YouTube also recorded 300 million viewing hours a day. Although those figures are mighty impressive, the Web site -- The Information -- says both could be viewed as less than expected by analysts and Google itself. YouTube wasn't commenting.
  • Battling Banner Blindness
    banner ads, unlike a fine wine, do not get better with age. Click-through rates on banner ads have been on a steady downhill slide, and that slide is expected to get even steeper. Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that video advertising, and in particular, pre-roll video, is a far superior ad unit type across all brand metrics.
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