• YouTube Gaming Live Streams Officially Take On Amazon Twitch
    YouTube took on Amazon Twitch Wednesday with the official launch of YouTube Gaming, a video game-streaming portal.
  • Flipboard Bows Cinema Loop Video Ads
    Digital publishing platform Flipboard is expanding its advertising offerings with a new video product called Video Ads with Cinema Loop, which allow advertisers to integrate native video messages into the curated collections of content created by users -- but in a way the company claims won't be disruptive to readers.
  • As Media Markets Splinter, There's One That Thrives
    As the new TV market evolves, it's important to focus not so much on either extreme or the rhetoric but more on research and data - including U.S. Census Bureau demographic data.
  • YouTube Adds More Than 1,000 Searchable Songs, Royalty Free
    YouTube has added more than 1,000 songs to its YouTube Audio Library, making them searchable by name, genre, mood, instrument, duration, and more.
  • Report: No Apple TV Revolution, Again
    Another summer will come and go without the souped Apple TV service everybody has been waiting for, according to a report from Bloomberg.   Quoting sources "familiar with Apple's plans"  the news service says Apple has called off long-rumored plans to announce the new TV service at a Sept. 9 event, but will use that event, instead, to introduce a more powerful version of its Apple TV set-top box. The story says Apple was trying to put together a package of cable network and local stations that it could market for $40 a month, about half of what the …
  • Time For Advertisers To Really Know What They're Getting Online
    Do all video ad formats offer advertisers equal value? Is a video ad that's squeezed into a side ad unit and runs in-banner without any real video content have the impact as pre-roll? Do advertisers know what they're really getting? Shouldn't they? In
  • Bad Ads Spoil Premium Content. But That's Fixable
    Better ad delivery won't solve the premium shortage. Improving ad creative quality will.
  • To Grow Up, Ad Tech Must Learn To Rethink Viewability
    Nowhere is that need for ad tech's maturation more clear than with viewability, one of the key metrics for all stakeholders in our ecosystem. Take, for example, the way that we process video ad requests.
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