• TV Everywhere Services Lack Awareness
    So-called TV Everywhere services -- which were supposed to be the coordinated response of pay TV operators like Comcast, Time Warner Cable and DirecTV to threatening over-the-top TV/video services like Netflix and Hulu -- are suffering from a lack of visibility, according to Parks Associates' Brett Sappington.
  • Online Video Users To Nearly Double By 2016
    Nearly 800 million people consumed Web videos last year -- a total that will close to double in four years to 1.5 billion, according to networking services giant Cisco. On an individual level, nearly all of those people will be consuming more video than they are today. Meanwhile, online video already accounts for more than half of all Internet traffic.
  • As Smart TV Reports Surface, Apple Remains Coy
    Apple, Inc. may be readying a new Internet-powered television product, according to reports coming out of China on Monday. On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook added fuel to the fire when he said technology for televisions was of "intense interest" to the company during an interview at a conference.
  • Google Wins YouTube Copyright Suit in France
    A French court dismissed a copyright lawsuit against YouTube on Tuesday, deeming the Google-owned video-sharing site's processes for removing copyrighted material uploaded to the site to be adequate.
  • YouTube's Partner Problem
    As YouTube seeks to attract more premium video content and stronger engagement with its videos, the Google-owned site is having difficulty keeping its huge stable of partners happy. Gradual changes rolled out over the last few months have incensed some partners -- particularly the smaller ones, who in response have banded together to create a new movement called "SaveYouTube."
  • Time Warner, News Corp. Urge Faster Adoption of TV Everywhere
    Earlier this week, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes and News Corp. COO Chase Carey urged their media company peers to roll out TV Everywhere services as urgently as they can.
  • In Apple vs. Google, YouTube Could Be the Difference
    If there's one thing the late Steve Jobs may have gotten wrong as CEO of Apple, Inc., it would be the decision not to build or acquire a YouTube competitor. As Google, now firmly established as one of Apple's main competitors, only just begins to monetize the video-sharing site it bought for $1.65 billion in 2006, Apple execs must be ruing that day in 2007 when the company decided to tout how beautifully its iPhone would display YouTube videos.
  • Facebook, TBS Team Up to Distribute Branded Videos
    Facebook on Wednesday unveiled a new ad distribution agreement with TBS and its branded content partner, DumbDumb, that will see the social network distribute branded entertainment videos on its site, while TBS will distribute the same videos across its TV and digital properties.
  • New Adap.tv Tool Seeks To Simplify Video Ad Technology Management
    Adap.tv on Wednesday introduced a new ad management product for video called App Center, which aims to make it easier for advertisers and publishers that buy and sell inventory using the video ad exchange to manage working with the 100+ technology providers in the video advertising ecosystem.
  • As Millennials Grow Up, Big TV Faces A Race Against Time
    For cable and satellite TV providers like Comcast, DirecTV and Time Warner Cable, Millennials, or those young adults born between 1983 and 1997, represent both the greatest opportunity and biggest threat to their businesses.
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