• What's Next? YouTube TV Is Latest Streamer
    YouTube just announced it will launch its own streaming service, featuring ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and 30 major cable networks, but none from Viacom -- like MTV or Comedy Central, and apparently nothing from Time Warner, which means no CNN. YouTube's bundle will cost consumers $35 a month and will feature what seems to be superior DVR capacity, compared to competitors.  It will be called YouTube TV. It joins a crowded pool of streaming services: SlingTV, PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now. And still to come is Hulu's streaming video entry. Each service seems to have its pluses and negatives, …
  • comScore Offers Mobile Metrics For YouTube
    The measurement company says the new effort comes from the growth of YouTube on mobile -- now 70% of its total YouTube viewing. Of the top 50 YouTube channels, each extended its desktop audience (reach) by 218% after including consumption on smartphones and tablets.
  • Display Ad Sales Techniques Don't Transfer To Video
    In fact, they're quite different animals, as display sales executives learn when they try to replicate their success in the video arena.
  • YouTube, Maker Pull Away From PewDiePie, Cite Anti-Semitic Content
    The vlogger's recent videos that contain vile anti-Semitic content cross a line that may put the future of YouTube's most popular personality in doubt. YouTube and Maker Studio's parent Walt Disney Co. today both distanced themselves from the host and his projects.
  • YouTube's Super Chat Lets Creators Monetize Live Streams
    The messages are highlighted in bright colors and stay pinned to the top of the chat window for up to five hours, allowing fans to gain the attention of the content creators.
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