• Politicians Like To Show Themselves In The Best Light... And In HD
    According to new research from Extreme Reach, political advertising in Q2 delivered 77% of its ads in HD, the highest rates among all categories measured.
  • Google To Fund Content For Some Top YouTube Creators
    Attempting to convince YouTube Talent not to jump to Facebook or other competing Web sites, Google said it has furthered its investments to help talent shine. The site expanded support to full-scale marketing and advertising campaigns, helping turn successful creators with large fan bases like Bethany Mota and Epic Rap Battles of History into household names.
  • Orabrush Becomes YouTube Marketing Machine For Katherine Heigl's JustOne
    JustOne, a charitable pet venture started by actress Katherine Heigl, reached out to Orabrush, which built two multimillion-dollar brands on YouTube, to help save lives of homeless animals by raising awareness and funds. The video encourages viewers to purchase JustOne's collection of leashes, collars and other merchandise, as well as partner products, such as Orapup.
  • Extreme Reach Introduces A Dashboard For Cross-Platform Ad Campaigns
    Extreme Reach has introduced a new dashboard solution that allows a user to monitor, measure and respond to TV and digital campaigns simultaneously from the same dashboard.
  • Awesomeness TV and Kohl's Team Up On A New Teen Clothing Line
    "Life's So R.a.d.," slated for four "seasons" on YouTube, will feature clothing from a fashion line, S.o. R.a.d that will launch in Kohl's stores Sept 22.
  • Amazon Fire Goes On Sale In UK, Germany
    Amazon Fire TV is expanding to the United Kingdom and Germany, the online retail giant announced today, five months after the set-top box went on the market here. Amazon said it was simultaneously beginning to offer Fire TV in Germany, although pricing or a ship date were not clear.
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