• CBSNews.com Begins 4 Days of Streaming 1963 JFK Coverage at 1:40 This Afternoon
    The TV network's coverage of President Kennedy's assassination in 1963 will be shown in its entirety beginning this afternoon, shown just as it happened. It will pause only when the network did 50 years ago, when CBS signed off sometime after 11 p.m. every night. It will also be archived online and important events tweeted as they occurred on this date a half century ago.
  • AdBlock Plus Creates a YouTube Customizer to Get Around New Google Rules
    The ad-blocking browser extension with millions of users, announced "customizer" in response to what it says are thousands of complaints by YouTube users that new Google rules make it impossible for commenters to stay anonymous.
  • Tremor Misses Q3 Revenue Analysts Predicted, Takes a Tumble
    Tremor Video, the digital advertising solutions company that has fought a sometimes-uphill battle educating Wall Street about the prospects for online video advertising, missed analysts' best-guess revenue projections in its third quarter financials. It got spanked in the market, finishing down 89 cents, on a day the NYSE Dow index was down 152.90 points, its biggest slip since late August.
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