• Loyal Viewers Vs. The Hordes Of 'Uniques'
    Billions of views are great, but cultivating loyal viewers who keep coming back is a lot better.
  • All Video May Not Be The Answer For Some Publishers
    There has been a lot of buzz lately around video content in the publishing world. Some of the biggest publishers are either predicting or pushing for all video content in just a few years. For example, Tronc, formerly known as Tribune, revealed plans for its all video future just a few weeks ago. Even Facebook expects its content to be mostly video, if not all, in the next five years.  The force behind this video content rush is clearly a desire for driving business and revenue. Video ads provide publishers with much more money than …
  • New Facebook Mobile Video Features Turn Up Heat On YouTube
    Facebook is serious about going after video consumption, and it has to be. Luring TV ad dollars to the platform is essential for Facebook's future business.
  • A Logical Guide To Context And Marketing
    The key to growing your business is owning your context. Asking and answering some questions can help you figure out the best place to put your videos, and how to create the content.
  • 360-degree Video Offers Opportunity For Brands
    With 360 video, brands will need to learn how to create engaging, open experiences where they're not fully in control. For those that can pull it off, the rewards will be immense.
  • Mobile Supplants 'Fixed' Media As Dominant Source Of Online Video
    Mobile will replace "fixed devices," including desktop, as the dominant platform for accessing online video, according to a new forecast released this morning by Publicis' Zenith unit. The agency forecasts online video ad spending will rise about 20% per year, reaching $30.1 billion in 2018.
  • UPDATE: Here's How Streaming Majors Did With Emmy Noms
    Netflix got 54, to HBO's 94 and FX's 56. Amazon was 12th among programmers, with 12. (Check back for updates and tweaks.)
  • Programmatic Video Buys On YouTube Up 55% MoM
    Monthly video consumption in the U.S. reaching 177 hours in 2015, up from 165 hours in 2012. Consumer behavior not only advances technology, it changes the way advertisers buy media.
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