• Digital Video Has Entered the Ring
    Digital video has been training in the background and is now poised to give TV a good fight in the coming years.
  • Why Adele Embraced YouTube, Spurned Spotify
    Adele's latest, "25" is only available to those who pay up front. But listeners' appetite was whetted by free plays on YouTube
  • Content Is Still King But Success Demands A Royal Family
    Over the past ten years, I've had a front row seat watching the plot evolve in the online video revolution.  I've seen every fad fade as one challenger after another tumbled due to misguided strategy or tactical misfires. But, I've also seen challengers become the incumbents who today create the rules of engagement. First, with YouTube emerging victorious in online video, they've gone from disruptor to the player who sets the standard. Then with Facebook surpassing MySpace in social media, it set up today's Facebook/YouTube rivalry. While Facebook will ultimately remain a key player in video, …
  • Brand New Lesson For Brands: Distribution Rules
    Media fragmentation has impacted all players in significant ways.  We have fully landed in a “pull” media economy where consumers are no longer beholden to the programming dictates of the vertically integrated behemoths in the traditional “push” economy.   With consumers more in control of when and where they access their content, the consequence for publishers has been profound. Nowadays much content consumption begins for consumers on Facebook, Twitter, Redditt and other social platforms whereby they are often redirected to publisher sites.  And with the recent launch of Facebook’s Instant Articles on mobile, the prospect grows of even …
  • Stern Re-Ups At SiriusXM, With Video Long Tail
    Howard Stern's satellite radio broadcast will continue for another five years, and a video component continues until 2027. He had threatened to leave SiriusXM, which he helped build.
  • Streaming Has A Good Day At The Golden Globes
    In the nominations for best comedy, four out of six come from online providers, including two from Amazon Prime Video. And Netflix had more total nominations than any network or streaming competitor.
  • The Written Word, Still Hanging Tough
    Video won't replace the written word but it is changing the way words are distributed.
  • Millennials Attracted To Top YouTube Ads In 2015
    Millennials made up the majority of the audience for the Year-End Ads Leaderboard. These ads weren't strictly made for digital -- Clash of Clans' "Revenge," adidas' "Unfollow feat. Leo Messi," Budweiser's "Lost Dog," and Boom Beach's "Speech" also ran on other media.
  • There Are More Places For Video Ads Than Facebook, YouTube
    It's easy to forget there is a significant long tail out there. Most people, in addition to YouTube and Facebook, visit plenty of Web sites every month.
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