• Mother's Day Video Campaigns Bow To Power Of Rihanna
    Mother's Day advertising campaigns typically garner significant levels of interest. This May, nine brands launched their Mother's Day campaigns only to have audience attentions drawn to a campaign featuring Rihanna in something of a historic turn. Self-proclaimed "Bad Girl" RiRi garnered May's number-one viewership spot (26.1 million views) for Dior's "Secret Garden IV" campaign, in which she was the first black woman to be a spokesperson for the brand.
  • Are Pre-Roll Ads An Endangered Species?
    The difference between those ads you see at the cinema before the reel of coming attractions starts is that you don't want to see that first bunch of ads, but you look forward to those trailers. But, after all, they're commercials, too. What can online video advertisers learn from that?
  • Give Viewers A Reason To Finish Watching Your Video Ads
    How often do you watch a video ad to completion? One study found that 60% of viewers never make it to the end of a video. This can have a significantly negative impact on brand messaging.
  • After The NewFronts: Think Regional, Think Programmatic
    We wrapped up the 2015 Digital Content NewFronts last month, but it’s clear that the real work in selling digital video is just beginning. As an advisor to agencies and brands, my company looks at the NewFronts (now a yearly confab showcasing video offerings from digital publishers) as an opportunity to be wowed so we can go back to our clients to say ‘let’s try something new.’ After viewing some of this year’s presentations, I’m starting to think that the publishers should focus less on the ‘newness’ of their content and more on making it easier to actually …
  • Ad Industry Has To Solve Its VPAID Mobile Hang Ups
    HTML5 support was not added to VPAID until 2012. The repercussions of this still being felt throughout the video advertising industry today. But the industry -- publishers and advertisers have to get with it if the industry wants to really reap the benefits of the growth in mobile.
  • IAB Takes Over Viewability Initiative Started By Ad Tech Firms
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau today said its Tech Lab will take over management of the "Open Video Viewability" initiative, or OpenVV, a project focused on building open-source code that enables streamlined measurement of the Media Rating Council viewable impression standard for video advertising.
  • Truly Engaged Viewers Wouldn't Use Ad Blockers
    Why do we block commercials? Because they can be annoying, disruptive and they're often not relevant. They don't speak to us personally and they aren't memorable. But we could change all that.
  • IAB Starts A New Video Board Of Advisors
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Digital Video Center of Excellence today will announce a new 19-member Board of Advisors that it says will work on issues surrounding video's growth in mobile, over-the-top, and all other platforms. It is expected to provide advice that will range from technology to content, measurement, research and even the IAB's NewFronts. The board is composed largely of senior brand managers and media buyers and executives.
  • Yahoo Will Stream NFL Game This October, A Streaming First
    The NFL announced that its first video-streamed-only game will be shown via Yahoo on Sunday, October 25, when the Buffalo Bills play the Jacksonville Jaguars, from a stadium in London.
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