• Twitter Follows YouTube's Rev Share Deal With Video Creators, Will Split Ad Dollars
    Twitter said Tuesday it would share a percentage of the ad revenue gained from videos created by individual users in the United States that run on the platform. Pre-roll ads will run against the content and a portion of the ad revenue shared with creator.
  • Kids Obsessed With YouTube
    Up from seventh place on the list of kid's favorite brands last year, the video platform just beat out Oreo, M&M's, Doritos and Hershey's.
  • Google+ Hangouts Users Pushed To YouTube Live, Service To Be Shuttered
    Google warned that it will move Hangouts On Air in Google+ to YouTube Live, which the company announced at VidCon earlier this year. Google provided explicit instructions on how to make the switch, schedule live broadcasts and control who can see the broadcast.
  • 'Yahoo View' Is New Home For Free Hulu Fare
    Hulu premium content will now be available, for free, via new Yahoo View, which is available starting today. Meanwhile, reportedly Hulu will fold its stand-alone free version.
  • Time Warner Gets 10% Piece Of Hulu
    Time Warner, long rumored to be a potential partner for Hulu, on Wednesday announced it had acquired a 10% stake in the video service. The deal comes as Hulu prepares to launch its own streaming service in 2017,
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