• Next Up On The Weather Channel: IBM's Own Watson
    IBM this morning announced it had acquired the Weather Co., which operates the Weather Channel, Weather Underground and extensive digital assets. And yes, it's all about Watson.
  • How To Lead A Purposeful, Ad-Blockless Life
    For the first time, advertisers have to earn their audience. That won't happen when we're cramming as many "copy points" we can into a 30-second spot.
  • The World Is Now Moving Vertically
    Vertical video is turning heads, literally. It already accounts for 29% of time spent on digital screens, and it's growing.
  • More Disruption Keep MVPDs In Catbird Seat
    Maybe more consumers will abandon traditional cable and satellite TV, but they're not going far away: MVPDs control the fastest, most ubiquitous broadband pipe.
  • Stopping Ad Blockers: No Time To Waste
    The only way for ad blockers to win is for good ad techies to do nothing.
  • Sports-Minded Omnigon, Infront Tout New Int'l Partnership
    Omnigon, the New York based sports and entertainment digital services firm, and the Swiss-based Infront Sports & Media marketing company have announced a strategic partnership earlier this week at Leaders Spot Business Summit in London.
  • Among Other Problems, Mobile Advertising Is Mostly Boring
    One of the main reasons advertisers have only tentatively put their dollars into mobile advertising is because the formats are unexciting and ineffective. It's time to innovate.
  • Online Video Advertising Isn't Just Like TV
    Because consuming TV content is not a lean-back experience when it's viewed online, consumers are in a different frame of mind. Laptops, smartphones and tablets are interactive devices, designed for search and discovery.
  • Co-Viewing Could Become Hard To Interpret, CBS' Tanner Says
    TV viewers want to connect with programming -- as well as their friends and family. But in a future, automated TV programmatic world, this might be a complex challenge for marketers. Christy Tanner, senior vp/general manager of CBS Interactive Media Group, speaking at OMMA Programmatic Video event, said that 73% of TV viewing is with family and/or friends. "The major challenge for this industry is hitting your real target," she says.
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