• Mashable's Big Facebook Plans, Will Share Platforms With Turner
    At its NewFronts presentation this afternoon, Mashable is expected to announce an ambitious slate of content projects; a partnership with Turner to share some platforms; a big Facebook Live commitment, and new analytic features from a proprietary Velocity tech suite.
  • Authenticity Overtakes Aspirations In Online Video Ads
    Females tend to rely more on word of mouth and social media for online digital video discovery, while males are more likely to turn to recommendations and search, at 69% vs. 29%, respectively, per the IAB. This may explain why Google's YouTube April 2016 Ad Leaderboard focues on authenticity vs. aspirations.
  • Amazon Aims At YouTube With New 'Video Direct'
    The new Amazon Video Direct will compete with the professional side of YouTube and will give those creators and advertisers another place to present their material.
  • IAB Reports Huge Rise In Original Digital Video, Claims It 'Beats Regular TV'
    "Regular viewers" of original digital video programming have grown to 63 million in 2016 from 45 million over the past three years, according to an analysis released this morning by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The report, dubbed the "2016 Original Digital Video Study," is part of a series of reports being released by the IAB that seem timed to pique advertiser and agency interest while big digital media platforms are competing for future advertising budgets alongside TV networks in the upfront advertising marketplace.
  • Fullscreen Offers New Ad Packages; Aims For Millennial Parents
    Fullscreen announced new organizational divisions at NewFronts, offered some new ad packages and said it will start an influencer-based strategy to get millennial parents
  • Fullscreen Offers Ad Bundles, Aims At Millennial Parents
    At its NewFronts presentation, Fullscreen announced a programming effort aimed at an obviously growing demo group: Millennial parents. It also announced packages of content create ad opportunities based on Fullscreen's biggest and best performers.
  • Tremor Video Records Higher Total Ad Spend, Expands Net Losses
    While "total spend" -- the aggregate media spending transacted through Tremor platforms -- climbed 26% in the first quarter versus the same period a year ago, to $51.2 million, Tremor Video's revenue was down 9% to $34.6 million.
  • Defy's Very TV-Like Approach To Digital
    Its shows keep a schedule, and at NewFronts, Defy promises shows it talks about here will actually be made. Tweak!
  • Defy Plans To Make 30 New Shows--And Really Do It, Too
    At NewFronts, Defy said it would introduce 30 new programs over its seven brands, and tweaked other NewFronts presenters by repeatedly pointing out that unlike some of the others, Defy actually produces the content it announces.
  • Digital Video Ad Spending Soars, Budgets Coming Mainly From TV
    Ad spending on original digital -- both desktop and mobile -- programming has more than doubled since 2014, and those budgets have come primarily out of television, according to findings of a survey of advertiser and agency executives released this morning by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Results of the survey, which suggest a significant shift is taking place in the TV/video advertising marketplace, not surprisingly were released this morning by the IAB on the first day of its week-long Digital Content NewFronts in New York City.
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