• YouTube Debuts Super Bowl XLVIII Ads
    YouTube launched the Ad Blitz channel Friday, giving football fans a sneak peek at this year's Super Bowl XLVIII ads. The pre-game gallery features teasers from advertisers, highlights and analysis from Fox Sports about teams on the road to the championship. YouTube creators will post custom content, promoting Ad Blitz through videos powered by TrueView video ads. The site also provides post-game voting.
  • YouTube, DreamWorks Animation To Co-Produce Original Programming
    YouTube and DreamWorks will collaborate to produce daily original programming that is planned to launch this month. Insiders say the series should provide an example to partners of how to create content on the video site.
  • TV Nets Don't Synchronize Cross-Platform Screens
    Likely losing out on lucrative ad packages, TV networks are failing to effectively synchronize programming across screens. A new report notes that only 42% of second-screen users have attempted to synchronize their content experience to live TV. Worse, a mere 13% of survey respondents said synchronized content made their program viewing experience "much more enjoyable."
  • Analysts Tout Nielsen Dominance Of Online Ratings, One Puts A Number On It: $200 Million
    How much is Nielsen's domination of the online ratings business worth? According to an influential analyst following the sector, $200 million. That's the figure Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser put on the amount of annual revenues he predict Nielsen will reap by 2017 from broad industry acceptance of Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings as the "currency" for online media buys, especially video.
  • Hulu Continues Search For 'Original' Hits
    Still searching for its first smash hit, Hulu on Wednesday unveiled a new slate of original programming for 2014. Marking Hulu's first co-production with Lionsgate Television, the video venture said its supernatural comedy "Deadbeat" will debut in early April.
  • Can Netflix Sustain Subscriber Growth?
    Despite a string of successes in 2013, analysts are already questioning whether Netflix can hold its own in 2014. Boasting 31 million domestic subscribers, Netflix's third-quarter earnings report sent investors into a tizzy, in late October. But competition from Amazon Prime Instant Video, HBO GO and Hulu Plus offer compelling alternatives.
  • Brightcove Acquires Unicorn Media To Improve Video Ad Insertions
    The limits of multiscreen ad measurement and the spread of ad-blocking technologies have been enough to keep a significant share of TV dollars offline. Addressing both issues, video distribution platform Brightcove has agreed to buy Unicorn Media for $49 million in cash and stock. Unicorn Media's cloud-based video ad insertion service, Once, offers an alternative to the video-player-centric approach.
  • Vine Extends To Web, Adds Full-Screen Viewing
    Vine, whose mobile app made six-second videos a sensation, is heading to the Web. Users can now log in at Vine.co to view their home feed, and like, comment and share videos as they would in the app. So far, it has racked up more than 40 million registered users.
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